Wu Xuanyi’s information was leaked and fans said that they changed their age to this...

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The first youth group's youth growth program "Creation 101" launched by Tencent Satellite TV has come to an end. The 11 members of "Creation 101" are Meng Meizhen , Wu Xuanyi , Yang Beyond , Duan Aojuan , Yamy , Lai Meiyun , Zi Ning , Yang Yuqing , Li Ziting , Fu Jing and Xu Mengjie formed the "Rocket Girl 101" group. Since its inception, the group has been the focus of netizens and has become the focus of discussion among netizens.


Recently, Wu Xuanyi, one of the members of the group, was leaked. At present, some netizens have exposed the private certificate information of Rocket Girl 101 member Wu Xuanyi. They found that Wu Xuanyi’s real age does not match the official age and questioned Wu Xuanyi’s age fraud. The news came out and caused a hot discussion on the Internet.



For the news that Wu Xuanyi changed his age, Wu Xuanyi’s fan support club said that his family would change their age to a few months in order to let her go to school early.


Regarding the disclosure of Wu Xuanyi's personal information, Lehua Entertainment issued a statement stating that the above acts and statements have been suspected of serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests. The company has obtained the full power of the lawyers in accordance with the law to further investigate the legal liability of the infringers.


This statement was issued and received the support of many netizens.


The act of leaking star privacy has occurred from time to time, and Wu Xuanyi is not the first one. When Jiao Enjun, who was concerned about the "Little Li Feidao", was registered with a five-star hotel, his personal information was leaked. Afterwards, Jiao Enjun also expressed his views on Weibo.



Recently, Li Yifeng ’s movie " ANIMAL WORLD " is quite popular. In recent years, Li Yifeng, who has been so popular, has also been exposed by personal information. At the time, Li Yifeng’s brokerage company issued a document saying that this behavior violated Li Yifeng’s privacy rights and handed it over to Lawyer dealt with.


As the saying goes: "There are many people and fires." Wu Xuanyi, who has been highly anticipated since the beginning of the show, has never lived up to everyone's expectations. The young lady who works so hard should have a strong inner heart! I hope that I will see you as happy as ever. Laughing is as beautiful as a flower.


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