The general's order turned itself into a foreign language, and koala liu performed a stunning cover.

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Linkeddb News November 15& have spent The voice of an angel Koala Liu The new single "Jailbird" has been transformed into a cool female voice and is based on the classic Chinese hip-hop song "general's command". The arranger of this collaboration Oscar Goncalves (Oscar) originally sung Kenji Wu The years of cooperation with the arrangement of music teachers, a total breakthrough in the original music of the eastern color, to blur the smooth electronic rock music arrangement Koala Liu The thick and thick individual character voice, expression can the male and female face the different attitude of love.

The English adaptation invited Heidi, a talented New York columnistChen (singer)To cross the ocean cooperation, grasp the pen to tell in the game called love, the equal of the two players aggressive and charming while pretending to be good, while bad, love straight and frank, who do not accept for who, the two of them with the distance from the near and far, natural and unrestrained play a modern love double dance. As the series finale of this year's adaptation, the producer Andrew Chu King Yin The teacher was more creative in opening up Koala Liu's role-playing mode, allowing her to finish the harmony recording by herself with a variety of different personality lines. The sometimes wild and sometimes dull performance not only enriched the song level, but also let her describe with a smile: "it seems that one person played the whole choir!" .

Through the song "Jailbird", Koala Liu also encourages girls to be loyal to themselves in their feelings, not shy or do nothing Francesco Redi Bird, love with confidence and courage! Next, Koala Liu will have more good works and music to meet you. Let's look forward to it together!

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