Ouyang Nana's explosion of nearly 70 million in half a year is not enough to spend? The truth behind it is distressed

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It is not enough to spend Ouyang Nana’s explosion for nearly 70 million RMB. The truth behind it is distressing. Recently, according to Taiwan’s media reports, Ouyang Nana confirmed that she will go to the Boston Conservatory of Music in September and become a Wang Lee ’s younger sister. As soon as the news came out, it led to discussions outside the world. Therefore, her past events in which she left school to enter the entertainment industry were once again mentioned.



It is reported that Ouyang Nana has dropped seven games in order to return to campus. However, in fact, it earned about 64 million yuan in the first half of this year. This shows that the popularity of Ouyang Nana is very high.


Ouyang Nana’s income was exposed, and her remuneration in the variety show “ Ace to Ace ” was also exposed. It is reported that "Ace to Ace" can at least allow Ouyang Nana to earn approximately RMB 2.14 million.


However, there is news that her income will also be used to provide expenses for the family. Ouyang Nana’s father’s father’s monthly salary is less than 200,000, deducting the expenses of serving ordinary voters and making ends meet. Ouyang Nana’s mother’s usual job is sporadic notification; his sister Nini Ouyang does not play much, and her sister Didi will go to the United States to study. In this way, all sorts of expenses are quite huge and amazing. The family burden is basically on Ouyang Nana alone.



Ouyang Nana is only 18 years old. However, there are too many things to experience. It is not easy to come along all the way, and it suffers from a lot of cynicism, such as: vain vanity, poor acting... Ouyang Nana has cooperated with many big stars since his debut. At the time of her 18th birthday ceremony, a lot of stars sent her blessings, such as Jackie Chan , Mini Yang , Haoran Liu , Cai Yongkang...






In recent years, Ouyang Nana has also been using strength to prove himself. She herself also said: “Being a cellist who will act will be the actor who will play the most piano, and it is my goal”. Finally, I wish Ouyang Nana to achieve her goal as soon as possible.

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