Kris wu victoria song has difficulty choosing dimple girl xu xinwen to keep her hot seat

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Linkeddb News November 12& have spent The night of the show, "hi team" instructor Kris Wu , Victoria Song After several arguments, made the difficult decision to call number 045 Xu Xinwen Battle with students on stage. The little sister is undaunted and brings "60 seconds" to sing the song "everyday". When she opens her mouth, she conquers the audience and tutors. Finally, she wins the victory with a big score and successfully keeps the hot seat.

& have spent Xu Xinwen's performance on that day was not only amazing in singing strength, but also amazing to the audience. Seems to have taken the advice from his mentor on the show and is trying to slim down. Do you also want to Pick your little sister who works so hard and is excellent? Please remember next station legend no. 045 dimple girl - Xu Xinwen!

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