Jay chou's investment in the film is a tribute to his wife hannah quinlivan.

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Jay Chou with Hannah Quinlivan After three years of marriage,Hannah Quinlivangave birth to a son and a daughter for Jay Chou.Jay Choudoted onHannah Quinlivanafter his marriage and admitted at the concert that he was "a henpecked wife".

In the three years after his marriage,Jay Choufollowed his wife Hannah Quinlivan's every move. WheneverHannah Quinlivanposted a photo on her personal weibo account, he would comment on it, taking no time to kiss Hannah Quinlivan's ass and praise her for her beauty and her everlasting youth as a high school student.


Hannah Quinlivan recently revealed on her weibo account that she got up early to start work because she was making a movie, which was different this time.Hannah Quinlivanused to be a supporting actress in both film and television, but now she can play the leading role. In fact, her husbandJay Chouis helping her. The film's investor is Jay Chou, who has more power than the director Jay Chou, who is also a big producer, is well qualified to find a leading role. In order to boost his wife's popularity, he spared no effort to invest in movies.


In January,Jay Chouproduced the film Power, his second racing film after InitialD.

Jay Chou, who was originally only a supervisor, may have wanted to flatter his wife Hannah Quinlivan. He simply became an investor and took his wifeHannah Quinlivanas the leading actress in the new film.


In fact,Jay Choudid not letHannah Quinlivanbe the headmistress willfully.Hannah Quinlivanhas worked with Hollywood stars many times. S.M.A.R.T. Chase "And" Sky Rescue "Is also an experienced and experienced actor. Jay arrangedHannah Quinlivanto be the leading actress in the new film. Naturally, considering thatHannah Quinlivanhas rich acting experience, he choseHannah Quinlivanas the leading actress.


The hero of the movie "Power" has a mediocre reputation and probably many people don't know him. The hero is called Yu - Ning Mr. Tsao To paraphrase the current buzzword yu-ning Tsao is nothing short of fresh meat.


Yu-ning Tsao andHannah Quinlivanwere recently filmed filming.

The two of them sit in a car that has a big head. It's the Toyota AE86 in the InitialD following the soaring speed of the fujiwara tuohai (Jay Chou).



It is reported that this film Karry Wang There will be a guest appearance, andKarry Wangwill be in Taipei for filming Will Liu, Play host.


Jay Chou has also found a fan of racing cars Ethan Juan Unfortunately,Ethan Juancould not participate in Jay Chou's investment film due to the schedule.


Jay Chou's surprise casting ofHannah Quinlivanas the lead actress follows rumours of Jay Chou's infidelity on the Internet. It could also be a practical move to dispel negative rumours.

AlthoughJay Chouis an investor in the film, he will also take part in it, revealing that he is going to guest star in the movie he invested in. Although Jay Chou's acting is not very good, his performance will certainly bring more popularity to the new film. Everyone should be looking forward to him playing opposite his wife Hannah Quinlivan.

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