Ning jing, a real female star in the entertainment industry, dares to say that zhang yuqi dares to take one by one and she dares to make up words on the spot.

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Linkeddb News November 22& have spent In this society full of fame and wealth, the most valuable is a person can always dare to be himself. Yu hongmin, chairman of new Oriental group, said in a recent speech that it was the depravity of Chinese women that led to the downfall of the whole country. The remark immediately sparked resentment from a wide range of women, including prominent women Zhang Yuqi In addition to Zhang Yuqi, there are also a group of female stars with real temperament in the entertainment industry, such as: Ning Jing , Jiarong Lv .

1 Ning Jing dare to say Zhang Yuqi dare to hate and she dare to make up words onsite. JPG

Ning Jing has a straightforward personality and dare to hate actresses

Ning Jing can be said to be a pretty daring female star in the entertainment industry, and she always has a straightforward personality. Some time ago, she in the micro blog very domineering anger zhao4 an actress, said: a few people took a play on the frivolous very, the acting circle was originally ups and downs, took a drama just bubble, step bubble to climb, not afraid of fall............... It can be said that Ning Jing's personality is simply too straight, a word to open rantless temperament is really admirable. In addition, Ning Jing was quite outspoken when she was on the variety show, claiming that the frozen age goddess was still a yellow-faced old woman after removing her makeup.

2. Ning Jing is straightforward and bossy as an actress. JPG

Zhang Yuqi overpower back yu hongmin

Zhang Yuqi is also known for being domineering and forthright. Since she became popular in the search for "direct divorce due to emotional discord", many netizens have turned to her for daring to be herself. After yu hongmin, chairman of new Oriental group, made remarks of disrespecting the status of women recently, many public figures have come forward to express their opinions publicly, and Zhang Yuqi also took to her weibo to go back to the opposite way: neither education of Peking University nor the success of new Oriental can help you understand the value of women and what is equal sexual relationship... Such a domineering reply many women clapping hands and Shouting: worthy of being my sister qi!

3. Zhang Yuqi overpower back yu hongmin. JPG

Jiarong Lv's on-field coinage was bold

Jiarong Lv dares to say, dare to do, dare to the hatred is also the public Zhi Zhou's, before there are some illegal elements to achieve the propaganda purpose, fabricates the fact, paste Jiarong Lv's portrait to "Macao casino" to conduct false fraud, its studio immediately issued a statement like these illegal elements direct declaration of war, has won many netizens support. And in the last few days, My nanny handbook " "There are no shortcuts in this world, all shortcuts are traps" is a classic line that she created when she was shooting on the scene, and many netizens took it as a major life epigram. To be honest, Jiarong Lv is the first one who dares to make up words on the scene. Her words and deeds have to be admirable!

4. Jiarong Lv's on-the-spot word-making is bold.jpg

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