Josie Ho's Promotion to Taiwan's New Song Big S Written Tour Launched in April

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On March 7, Josie Ho , who had been against Taiwan for nearly four years, went to Taiwan to hold a press conference on "Drifting Stage Tours & New Songs." Josie Ho led the "He Chao and Sea Chai" band to appear. In addition to propagating new songs and songs composed by Big S, "Octopus Black Hole," he also announced that he will begin a "drift stage" tour in Taiwan in April. Josie Ho revealed that during the Chinese New Year, she and members of the orchestra and nearly 50 staff members traveled to Iceland to become the first Hong Kong singer to sing in Iceland.

 Josie Ho

Josie Ho traveled to Iceland during the Chinese New Year. During the first half of the month, she was on a full course and began singing in Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital. She also participated with the locals in the drama class Jim Chim ’s performing class and synchronized the documentary “Finding bliss”. : Fire & Ice. She saw the world of ice and snow in Iceland. Feeling buzzing, she revealed that she had no time to ski. After returning to Hong Kong, it was time to go to Taiwan to promote new songs and tours.

At the press conference, Josie Ho's leather-encrusted avatar, the Queen of Rocks, debuted on Taiwan’s unique heavy-toned stage car with new hits “Octopus Black Hole” and “How to Move”. He Chao, the lead singer of the band "He Chao and Sea Urchin", smiles and says: "When I was a singer, I was called Chao. When I was filming, I was called Josie Ho." Why He Chao was named, Josie Ho? To be honest because it sounds more straightforward, more rock!

 Josie Ho

Josie Ho also revealed that the newly released song "Octopus Black Hole" was created by Barbie Hsu . When she wanted to create a Mandarin song each time, her first thought was to find a friend Mavis Fan to discuss, and this time to find new songs, Mavis Fan bluntly said that there is no limit, and when he receives a new work, don't ask who the artist is. Just tell her whether she likes it or not. When he received the lyrics, Josie Ho was attracted by the song title. After confirming the inclusion of the lyrics, Mavis Fan only announced that the lyricist was Big S. He also disclosed that “Big S cannot accept too direct criticism”. Josie Ho is not only fond of the lyrics, but also appreciates that Big S is very business-minded. Since the lyrics mention coffee, hair dryers, boots and other items, the MV has found many sponsors and she is very happy. On one side, the male musician quipped: “My child was born. The next time the lyrics can be written in diapers, milk powder, doll cars, etc.” Then he followed the big S invitation song.

Josie Ho will lead the "He Chao and Sea Chai" Orchestra. Since April 14th, he will perform a "Walking Stage All-Tour" tour to drive the stage car to Taiwan.

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