Zoey 'the night' turned chilly goddess net friend: is the leaf red fish in my heart

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Linkeddb News October 31& have spent Produced by golden media, cat film, god pictures, penguin film, tencent pictures and yuewen group, Yang Yang Directed, Chen Feiyu ,S.I reine, Zoey Ancient costume fantasy drama co-starring young actors The night "" will air tonight. Based on The night, The novel of The same name written by The lark, The play is about The rise of The grass roots with a song and a laugh. Zoey plays the red fish of tao chi in the drama.

Zoey cool. JPG

Zoey soft as water. JPG

& have spent Zoey challenges "the goddess of cold noodles" & NBSP; The eye is sharp

"The night" tells The story of a cheerful young man who is materially demanding that he should not be lacking, and a group of swordsmen fighting against The darkness. Zoey's character, ye hongyu, is an amazing woman who is famous all over the world. Although she has a unique face in the world, she is tenacious and determined to cultivate herself. Due to the initially chaotic understanding of human nature, soon encountered setbacks in the character of increasingly indifferent. I am proud and arrogant. I am called a cool face goddess by net friends.

& have spent As the world's three chi tao chi, the red fish dedicated to the cultivation of martial arts. The revolutionary friendship forged with ning jiaoyu (Chen Feiyu), a spiritual leader, shouts out: "your life is mine, and no one can take it except me." With his unwavering, sharp eyes, Zoey's performance is remarkable.

 Zoey's "The night" continued with a stunning red rim look

& have spent In the current update, Zoey looks stunning in red, as well as "red margin". From The red murat in The legend of new shot eagle to The red fish in The night, Zoey's red looks are impressive and cool and charming.

Mu nianci and the leaf red fish although the shape is similar, the character experience is different. Mu nianci's obsession lies in love, the leaf red fish obsession lies in the way. How Zoey will interpret this difference is really exciting to look forward to. "The night" will premiere on tencent video at 20:00 this evening.

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