Find you' opens today with actor gao ye challenging 'special profession' to deliver love and warmth

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Linkeddb News October 5 On 5 October, byLu makeDirected, Feng Xiaogang The supervision, Yao Chen , Yili Ma Starring, Gao Ye , Wenkang Yuan Etc. find you The film was released officially. The film tells the story of two mothers who suffered a lot because of one child. It focuses on the current situation and psychological process of women's life in today's society. Gao Ye's bold attempt to challenge the "special profession" to show the multifaceted nature of women's psychology, played by Yao Chen in the film Li Jie Sun fang, who plays Yili Ma, is connected again, sparking speculation on the Internet.

Find you focuses on modern women's lives Gao Ye challenges "special jobs" to speak for women

Find you focuses on the lives of women today, showing the hardships and challenges faced by women in different living environments. In the film, Li Jie (Yao Chen), a businesswoman who is divorcing her ex-husband and fighting for custody of her daughter, works hard to give her child the best life possible, while a nanny, sun fang (Yili Ma), helps take care of her child. One day after work, Li Jie found out that the nanny sun fang and her daughter had disappeared without warning and that her greatest fear had become a reality. In the search for sun fang and her daughter, she received condemnation from her family and even suspicion from the police. The near-collapse of Li Jie, with incredible courage, set off on a solo journey.

During the search, Li Jie finds Lin xiaolu (Gao Ye), who once rented with sun fang, and asks about sun fang. Aggressive with each other in the face of a gaunt, meet Li Jie, Lin Xiaolu with some, but hear Li Jie encounter, to "more bark than bite" Lin Xiaolu and will tell you know all the clues of Li Jie, and with Li Jie found the fellow asked the whereabouts of sunfang coming for, sunfang coming for indirect help Li Jie find her daughter.

Actress Gao Ye screen image is more generous generous, women act independently and agile, also so many viewers kind called "Mr. Gao", while the deductive Lin Xiaolu much a few minutes the female's gentle, also is one of the millions portrait, perhaps they live on the surface of not very decent, but inner kind and gentle but is better than many of the world, let a person in the process of watching the many facets of the female psychological sex have further understanding, and make the person is not conscious meditation for a long time.

Find you got a lot of star support from actor Gao Ye

Apart from focusing on the survival of modern women, the most obvious thing about find you is that it captures the bond between a child and a mother, showing that mothers in different environments are equally vulnerable and strong when it comes to their children. The emotion is sincere, let a person cannot help to shed tears, so that during the point of film was rewarded numerous audience's high praise. At the same time, on weibo, it has gained even more Huang Bo , Betty Sun With the support of a large cast, Huang Bo retweeted the film's "deduction and emotional gripping".

Li Jie suffered a lot in the process of searching for a child, but it was also on this journey that he fully felt the mutual support between people. The interaction between Gao Ye's Lin xiaolu and Yao Chen's Li Jie is obvious. When Lin xiaolu and Li Jie met for the first time, Lin xiaolu held the attitude of no concern to let Li Jie leave, and finally faced with the tearful Li Jie, he told all the things he knew, took it to the hometown of sun fang, and refused Li Jie any reward. This time makes the character of Lin xiaolu very warm. With the secular spirit of the common people, she worked around a variety of different people, see all the human warmth. However, when she sees the suffering of others, she is definitely not reluctant to extend her own help, and does her best to help others out of difficulties. This role makes people feel warm and touched when it comes out.

Actor Gao Ye is reported to be in the upcoming super series Changan twelve hour ", period drama EighteenSprings ", "hotel in the sun", "crazy growth of buckwheat"," Mr monster "And other works also have excellent performance, which aroused the audience's strong expectation. While her latest film, find you, is officially out today, and wondering how Gao Ye's Lin xiaolu helped Li Jie (Yao Chen) find her child, let's take a look inside the theater.

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