The new version of Ludingji' is ready to be transformed into the show's leg demons

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Recently, the net exposure was led by Zhang Yishan , and the new version of Ludingji starring Zi Yang , Qin Li , Yi Xin Tang , Rachel Momo , Wu Ta-You , Raquel and Bai Baihe was ready immediately. Legs show, in the early spring season, big and slender legs, cool handsome sexy, countless people.

Zhang Yishan's "Ludingji" is supported by thousands of netizens

As the classic martial arts work of Jin Yong , “Ludingji” has been remade many times. This time again, not only the actor Zhang Yishan is looking forward to it. The 7 wives of Wei Xiaobao are all beautiful and all are After 90, they will be played by Zi Yang as Auntie, Qin Li as Fang Yi, Yi Xin Tang as Mu Jianping, RachelMomo as Zeng Rou, Wu Ta-You as Jianning Princess, Raquel as Su Shi and Bai Baihe as double figures. This lineup has also been supported by thousands of netizens.

In this exposure of the “Leo Show”, Zhang Yishan suit jacket with casual trousers, although wearing a serious, but he is a pair of hand-held trousers, the whole leg type instantly elongated, handsome and handsome, full of overbearing president Fan children Zi Yang, who will act as an aunt, is sitting on a chair. White T and denim skirts are paired with small white shoes. Each pair of legs is very slender. Fang Li's Qin Li is also a casual outfit. She wears a striped dress. , Big beautiful white legs, whole body look simple and yet sexy.

Seven-America strength staged "Beauty Legs"

Mu Jian screen player Yi Xin Tang strolled in the rain holding a transparent white umbrella, wearing a checkered shirt with short skirts, with a pretty short hair is very youthful and cute, straight and slender legs are even more eye-catching; play Zeng Rou's Rachel Momo is an embroidered dress standing next to the bicycle, full of youthful breath, slender legs are more fashionable and fresh style children coexist; and Jianning princess playwright Wu Ta-You is short hair with Black dress, show white and tender legs, flame lips slightly sideways, Royal sister full gas field.

Raquel, who plays Su Shi, is a crocodile dress skirt. Not only does she show beautiful legs, but her body is even brighter, her personality is more agile, and she is full of charm. Bai Baihe, the double acting player, lies on a giant baby bear. On top of it, a black jacket with a blue striped skirt, the strength of staged "the United States leg to kill", the hair of the micro volume of hair scattered, the overall shape of fresh and stylish.

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