Pipa master' viva sweet and cool won 'beauty idol of the year

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Linkeddb News December 4 Recently, the new generation of flower Dan Viva Show up in Shanghai and attend "COSMO fashion beauty pageant" held by "COSMO". In the evening, Viva made an amazing appearance in a small pink and black dress with elegant and beautiful makeup, and stepped on red shoes. The overall shape was sweet and cool. The beautiful and gorgeous style and sweet and lovely smile made Viva one of the most eye-catching actresses on the red carpet. At the event that night, Viva also won the "COSMO beauty idol of the year" award.

Viva beautiful back. JPG

Viva cool and clear. JPG

Viva. JPG

Viva soft side face. JPG

Viva black and pink dress. JPG

Viva at the ceremony. JPG

Some time ago, Viva wrote a book calledDemi - GodsandDemi - DevilsDuring the filming of "horse riding event" was once triggered heated debate, the scene and asked about injuries, she also to care about their injuries were a fan of netizens about his present condition, she admits, although injured his left arm is still unable to move, but also in efforts to rehabilitation, hope to be able to go back to the filming crew as soon as possible, from full state also added a little warmth to the chill of Shanghai.


Viva is sweet and sweet. JPG

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