Angelababy slanted across the saddle bag for a simple and elegant stroll down the street with charm

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Star connection news: recently, Angelababy Expose a group of fashion street photos, as a brand China brand ambassador baby wonderful interpretation of a new saddle bag, slanted across the side nifty generous. Baby, wearing A white shirt and A printed a-line skirt, is simple and elegant. She plays "eye game" with the camera to highlight her free movement and unique personality. The next three modern TV series, baby City of Desire "," Entrepreneurial Age "," My true friend "Baby" is about to be broadcast. In it, baby respectively interprets the fashionable urban women with different personalities, and brings the dressing matching skills of women in the workplace, bringing out the charm of women in the workplace. The street photograph modelling also showed the pattern of city beautiful person colorful, in the street asperses charming charm.

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