The TV drama "Changan" commented on what's outstanding in this drama

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Changan 's comment on where this drama is outstanding

What is the rating of Changan? The TV drama “Changan” will be aired soon. As another historical drama in China, how different is this drama from other historical dramas? What are its outstanding points?


1. Respect for history by experts "like"

The Changan seminar was held in Beijing on January 31st this year. Experts said that with Changan as the representative, the historical drama has returned strongly in recent years. The play not only depicts an open, inclusive and self-confident style of the times, but also displays the spirit of prosperity, and leads the screen with the correct view of history and culture. Li Zhun, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Literary Critics Association called it "a major achievement in historical drama." In addition, Zhong Chengxiang, chairman of the Chinese Literary Criticism Association, also highly praised the show. He believes that the play is a landmark work in the return of historical drama. “ Changan ” can obtain such a high appraisal of experts, enough to prove that this play is very respectful of history, is not very much want to once again understand the history of the early Tang Dynasty?


2. The cast is strong Zhang Hanyu has not returned to the drama for four years

"Changan" has assembled three different generations of actors: Li Yuan of Li Xuejian , Wei Zheng of Zhang Hanyu, Li Shimin of Qin Junjie , Li Jiancheng of Dong Han , Queen Sun of Shu Chang (actress) , Princess Pingyang of Helen Yao , etc. These actors are all powerful performers, especially since Zhang Hanyu has not filmed TV dramas for four years. This time he returned to the TV screen again and played "Conducted Generations" Wei Zheng, who is known to dare to commit guilty crimes in Changan. I believe that Zhang Hanyu, a talented actor, can also bring us different exciting things.


3, the plot plays with the positive energy interpretation of the costume drama

"Changan" mainly talks about the period from Tang Wude's first year to Zhenguan's four years, from the time it took the country to the last nations to display the spirit of prosperity and the self-confidence, openness and inclusiveness of the era from the top down. There are many The historical events we are familiar with, such as the Xuanwumen coup d’état, were more objective in showing us the infighting between the Lee brothers and brothers. The plot is very rigorous. In addition, “Changan” also conveyed positive energy to us. For example, Wei Zheng, played by Zhang Hanyu, showed Wei Zheng’s patriotism and lofty ambitions. Wei Zhengzhi’s story character image shows, to a large extent, We delivered the positive energy of spiritual power. Wei Zheng’s awe-inspiring uprightness also demonstrated the positive energy of the play.


4, the whole play enabled original sound

"Changan" is the actor's own voice, whether it is the protagonist or the supporting actor. There is no voiceover. This is a big challenge for accustomed to the dubbing drama, because it is very likely that there will be noise. Of course, this is also a positive change. For the audience, being able to hear the actor's original sound is also a very happy thing. After all, the actor's soundtrack is a better way for an actor to show his strength.


Finally, Xiao Bian tells everyone that Changan will be broadcast on CCTV on the 10th of this month (Thursday). Remember to see it. Don't miss the opening game! Is it already a bit too impatient to wait!

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