The TV drama “Qing Yu Nian”'s first exposure still depicts the legendary sentient beings

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" Qing Yu Nian " The first exposure stills portray legendary sentient beings, similarly produced by Tencent Films and Sunray TV, Tianjin Deep Blue Film & Television Media Co., Ltd., Reading Group, China Entertainment Times Films Investment (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and the sea. The first legendary drama “Qing Yu Nian” jointly created by Communication University of China, Nanjing Television Broadcasting Station and Hainan Electric Media Television Co., Ltd. The much-anticipated starring styling and the status in the play are also presented for the first time. The classic characters such as Princess Chang and Wu Zhu in the original novel also unveiled a mysterious veil in the stills. The play was adapted from the same-name novel of a fictional platinum writer by network literature. It was written by Juan Wang , directed by Sun Hao , an art consultant to Changlin Ouyang , and chief producer Chen Yingjie .

The TV series “Qing Yu Nian” tells the story of a lifelong and mysterious young man. After experiencing the trials and tempers of the family, the Triad Underworld , and the temple, he writes an unusual and hearty life legend. The story is rooted in both traditional culture and traditional historical novels. It is a masterpiece of oriental classical charm and modern consciousness.

Daoming Chen played in the most casual style of the most " wild " Emperor Zhang Ruoyun's modern black box.

Qing Di, played by Daoming Chen, finally showed his true colors. In the stills, he was wearing a loose white robe with a red blanket over his legs. He was lying halfway on the couch and looking at the books in his hand. A few strands of hair fell down. With casual laziness and the other hand pointing to the side, it seems that the summoned minister or nephew is seated. Qing Di, played by Daoming Chen, is different from the image of the emperor played by Daoming Chen. He is no longer the imperial and lofty emperor, but is very human and grounded. The scrolls and orange peels are also very lively. It can be said that Qing Di was shaped as an unrestrained and informal king under Daoming Chen's interpretation.

Ching Ping Chen Ping as Wu Gang as a person, the director of the Supervisory Institute above the ten thousand people, masters the world's largest group of secret agents, and has extraordinary ability to plan. In his early years, he was able to catch the Northern Qi and spy Shawn. Wasted legs, can only walk with a wheelchair. Chin Ping Chen Ping in this still photo sits in a wheelchair and looks forward with a sharp look. She is not angry and has a strong gas field. Behind him, Fan Fan pushes him forward, looking with a firm look to the front, and the supervisory staff opposite him seems to be praising the dean, or confronting him, and the overall picture is full of momentum.

Fan Fan, played by Zhang Ruoyun, stood in front of the carriage and looked up at the thoughts. He had a chicken in his left hand and couldn't help but be curious about what happened to him. He was obviously dressed in a blue costume and he was right. But with a modern leather black box, what's hidden in it? Where will the boy go?

Li Xiaoran's Strength Interpretation of "A Thousand Faces" Long Princess Qin Li Executive Dagger Interpretation of Depression County Lord

In the exposure of this exposure, for the first time, Li Xiaoran, the long princess's actress, was seen. She saw her sitting in a white bed next to her and looked down at her in the hands of her thoughtful thoughts. The furnishings and environment in her palace are also full of royal elegance.

It is reported that "Qing Yu Nian" is also Li Xiaoran's costume drama once again after many years. His previous dramas were mostly republican dramas and modern urban dramas, especially the warm temperament and dignified folk cheongsam. The role of women as well as the maturity of modern women on the surface is impressive. The long princess played by Li Xiaoran in the original book can be said to be a collection of beautiful wisdom and madness. In a very good disguise, it is Fan Qian’s “thousand-faced adversary.” The variability of characters and the complexity of characters allow She is full of charm and at the same time it is full of tests for the actors' acting skills.

Qin Lin played as the prime minister's daughter, and Fan Chai became a member of the "drumstick". In the stills, Lin Yuer sat in front of the case. The graceful gesture of a beautiful gentleman was an atmosphere of tranquil Enron . She pulled out a dagger and looked melancholic. She seemed to have a heavy heart.

Fan Ruoluo, played by Yi Song , opens a door and smiles indifferently to the front. Her cool and beautiful face is quite like that of “Iceberg Talented Woman”. I do not know his brother Fan Fan or other mysterious visitors outside the door.

Liu Hua (actor) version of "Poison King" reveals the popularity of the popular character "Five Bamboo" debut

In Zhang Luoyun, Liu Hua (actor), and Tian-yu, the life - threatening stills, Liu Hua (actor) played the “drug king” fee and sat in a bamboo chair. Worry. The fan sitting next to the frowning frowning looking at Fei Jie seems to be discussing something with Master. Wang Qinian played by Tian-yu as a regular commuter, standing behind the two people, also looked at the situation with a miserable face. In this small courtyard of Ning Jing’s simple courtyard, the three people’s infectious emotions are intertwined, as if they are taking the audience into the story.

The popular character Wu Zhu in the original works also appeared for the first time in the stills. “Five Bamboo” is a high-strength martial arts player with a black cloth on his eyes. He is always expressionless. Guardian Fan Xian as his duty, Fan Fan is called "five bamboo uncle." In the stills, Wu Zhu and Fan Fan played by Thomas Tong sat on the steps in front of the door. Fan read the letter in his hands. The five bamboo eyes on the side faced him with black cloth, as if he was listening. The sun shines on the bodies of the two people.

It is reported that "Qing Yu Nian" is being shot in Duyun, Guizhou, after which he will also go to Hengdian and other places to shoot.

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