CCTV' Explosion Play', 'Outside the building' perfect Duo Zhang strength interpretation of 'multi-faceted performance' acting

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CCTV's ratings show " Outside the building " perfect Duo Zhang's deep plowing skills are transformed every time

Alternate: CCTV's "Breakbub Drama" "Outside the building" perfect Duo Zhang strength interpretation "multifaceted" acting

Zhou Zhentian's screenwriter, directed by Zhou Su , Duo Zhang, Qin Hailu , Michelle Ye , Xi Meijuan and other big epic legendary drama “Outside the building”, the ratings have reached new heights, with a real-time rating of 2.3049%, and the CSM52 city has received great popularity. 1.649%. The drama “Delicious Qifei” and “Familyhood and Unity” unique “flavor” in the 2018 low-end film and television market emerged as the “explosive model” sought after by the audience. It can be called the new benchmark of the Chinese drama showing Chinese culture. .

Regardless of whether it is a TV drama focusing on the subject of national and industrial commerce in the Republic of China or a TV series that promotes regional history and culture, “Outside the building” is a new breakthrough and a new attempt. For Duo Zhang, who is the performer of Hong Jiabao's man, and the powerful actor, the interpreter has a challenging role, such as large-scale, long-span, and dramatic story transformation. This is also a brand-new transformation attempt.

Deeply plowing the script to deepen his acting skills. Each role is a transformation.

In this “Little Zhengda” quality drama “Outside the building”, Duo Zhang, with her superb acting skills, vividly and vividly interpreted the legendary transformation and turbulence of Hong Jiabao from “The Bad Master” to “Outside the building”. The integrity of the "Outside the building" story of the home country is revitalized.

At the beginning of the broadcast, Hong Jiabao's young and frivolous, unruly people have been questioned by many viewers. However, Duo Zhang was not impetuous. Instead, he used his nuanced performance methods to gradually enrich the positive image of Hong Jiabao’s heavy burden of patriotism. From hi-painting and refusal to business, the idea of ​​“using Wenxing Lou and cooking a fame” was raised. Duo Zhang regarded the gradual growth of the characters of Hong Jiabao as their own interpretation, from hatefulness, irritability, irritability to justice, and consideration of the overall situation. A transformation.

Three years after starring in " Era ", Duo Zhang, who is active in urban opera, once again appeared in the Republic of China drama "Outside the building." In the absence of big coffee and no gimmick scene, "Outside the building" has become a phenomenon-level TV drama with high ratings and hot topics. It also reflects Duo Zhang's professionalism in carefully selecting scripts and choosing roles carefully. Since his debut, Duo Zhang has always been adhering to his high standards and strict requirements for his own work. In the eyes of Duo Zhang, there is no difference in the size of the role. Each role has its own rationality. Even if the character is flawed, professional actors should use their own deductive skills to optimize it. Just as he maintained a high level of respect for the profession of the actor and deepened his acting skills, Duo Zhang was able to interpret each character as a magnificent transformation.

A low-key, low-grade, precipitated in the heart

Duo Zhang in the entertainment scene, in addition to superb acting is impressive, the "gentleman's" humble character is often praised. Personality is low-key and reserved, focusing on film and television drama productions, rarely participate in variety shows. Duo Zhang said: “To be a good, great, and universally recognized actor is an extremely hard thing. If you want to get flowers and applause, you have to pay for blood and flesh. This kind of payment belongs to The ultimate plunder."

Faced with every drama and every character, Duo Zhang will always do detailed homework in advance and devote himself fully to the characters. Do not float on the surface and precipitate the spirituality of the character. “The expression of an actor's best expression, recognition by everyone, and acknowledged expression requires a lot of understanding and wisdom.” This is Duo Zhang’s perception of the actor profession. This sentiment is not produced out of thin air. It is derived from every piece of work that it has appeared in. When chasing fame and fortune and using drama and characters to enhance their image, Duo Zhang does the opposite, using his sharpening skills to describe each character and every drama in depth.

On the first floor, one city and one country, one person grows. The TV series "Outside the building" has been perfect! After Duo Zhang drew a perfection for the corner of Hong Jiabao, the new drama " Little Emperor Kang Xi " starring Huang Shengyi and Longhua Wang was in the hot shoot. Duo Zhang challenged the costume drama for the first time. So stay tuned!

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