Mission impossible 6: full collapse' reveals a new trailer for 'mission impossible 6: full collapse' and a poster featuring tom henry facing off a cliff.

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Today, Hollywood action and adventure, the classic spy series, Mission Impossible 6: full collapse "Released the trailer and character posters for" critical moment." In more than two minutes of trailer, the scene is extremely hot, the plot escalates again, cruise leads the impossible task force to enter the sky, the car chase, the gunfight flesh fight, at the critical moment to fight to save the world! In the newly released 9 leading actors' posters, everyone looks as if they are enemies. Will they be able to survive this "mission of no choice"? On August 31, the suspense was revealed! In addition, since the release of the film overseas, the film has received good word-of-mouth at the box office around the world. The domestic audience is looking forward to it, saying "sit back and wait for Tom cruise to renew his action limit again!" The legend of Tom cruise returns to the top again, and a visual feast is about to come.

Mission Impossible 6: full collapse rereveals the trailer and character poster & NBSP; & have spent Tom and Henry faced off on a cliff

The scene escalates again. Desperate and dangerous

This release of the "critical moment" version of the trailer, the positive and evil sides tit-for-tat, crisis in the dark flow. The former villain, Solomon, used "world crisis" and "losing everyone you care about" as leverage to blackmail cruise, vowing to "get his hands covered in blood." The aggressive cia suddenly stepped in, and the evil Henry parachuted into the mission. Solomon escaped from Paris and made a comeback. In the face of this deadly ultimate mission, cruise was left with no choice but to fight back, whether it was parachuting from 25,000 feet, dying in a skyscraper window or racing a motorcycle through the streets of Paris. The trailer ends with Tom and Henry facing off against each other on the edge of a cliff. The image of Tom cruise falling off a cliff and hanging by a thread is even more gripping. What was the outcome of Henry's confrontation with Tom cruise? How did Tom survive the rolling helicopter? August 31, unlock the answer.

The 9 leading actors have no choice but to hang on the line

The 9 leading actors' posters that were released at the same time were also fantastic. Vanessa Kirby Play the white widow delicate and beautiful, make raise skirt to pull out knife striking action, amorous feelings ten thousand kinds and kill gas threatening. tying Rebecca Ferguson More capable than the previous one, he was dressed as a tight secret service agent and faced the enemy with a gun in both hands. Tom and Henry Cavill The two men stared at each other with guns blazing in front of them. It's impossible for the task force to be able to be effective Simon Pegg Working with van rems, we continue to provide strong technical and logistical support to the impossible mission team. In addition, in the superhero movie panther Angela beattie, who plays the queen in "Cavill," also joined the film, and ledHenry Cavillinto the IMF team. In this exposure of the trailer, it and cruise superiors Alec Baldwin The domineering hatred of each other is even more remarkable. "The task that has no alternative" at present, whole person assemble fight a life attack!

Mission Impossible 6: full collapse is produced by Paramount pictures. Christopher McQuarrie Directed, Tom Cruise , Henry Cavill, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, wen Remus, Sean Harris , Angela Bassett , Vanessa Kirby, Michelle Monaghan , Alec Baldwin, Wes Bentley , Fred Rick Schmidt Wait for the lead actor, will be in the national cinema line on August 31.

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