Wu qian (actress) has released her first feature feature in the series' an oriental odyssey'.

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Linkeddb News November 30 By the zhejiang Kwong Wa It is jointly produced by cei film and television, horgosworth film and television and Beijing free cool whale film and television.Chou Hsiao Peng [1]Directed, Claire Denis The writers,Wu Qian (actress), Zheng Yecheng The costume detective drama" An Oriental Odyssey "Is in the heat of the broadcast, online broadcast volume has broken 2.1 billion, network discussion degree continues to go up. This week,Wu Qian (actress)stars as actress ye yuanan (actress Anne gainsbourg) when she appeared as a stunning blue bat.

& have spentWu Qian (actress)stars in her bat series: it's beautiful!

In the updated plot, ye yuan 'an decides to kill mu le (Zheng Yecheng) on the wedding night in order to retrieve the pearl, and revenge himself and his family. When Wu Qian (actress Anne gainsbourg) appeared in the series in an exotic red bridal gown, the screen was filled with comments that included: "ye yuan 'an in red is beautiful!"

& have spent After separating with mu le, ye yuan 'an turns blue bat accidentally, by villager encircle chase after kill. At a critical moment, ye yuan 'an evoked mu le's memory with a kiss to escape a disaster, but accidentally fell into ling xi ( Jiang Chaoliang Act the role of) the trap that designs, make mu le loses the support of army and people. Can ye yuan 'an and mu le resolve the Sara crisis? Will the two eventually get together? Stay tuned for An Oriental Odyssey on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

& have spentWu Qian (actress)is the first to challenge model inversion & NBSP; The crew official micro blog praised

The series' stunning blue bats and the more than eight hours of remodelling required by Wu Qian (actress Anne gainsbourg) were both exciting and difficult challenges. In order for the inverted model to perform at its best, she must not eat, drink, move or even make facial expressions for eight hours. His down-to-earth and hard-working attitude was widely recognized by the whole cast and actresses. The series' official micro blog posted some behind-the-scenes titbit about the actress, and netizens commented that she "loves Wu Qian (actress)" and "qianqian is working hard".

Wu Qian (actress) crying. JPG

Wu Qian (actress) bat makeup. JPG

& have spent Since his debut,Wu Qian (actress)has shot a large number of IP screenwriters, and he has rich experience in relevant shooting. But she also said she was looking forward to seeing the right original series. As for these two plays, she has her own interpretation: "as an IP, the outside world has certain expectations and comparisons on you. After watching them, your heart will judge whether they are qualified or not, because everyone has an adaptation of what they want. But original drama does not have, opposite this one pressure can be a few lesser. But as an actor, you have to get rid of these things, or you won't be able to settle down and do what you call secondary creation and work.

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