Zhang haochen heads up forbes leading young writers' new journey

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On August 2, 2018, Forbes China released a list of China's 30 under 30 2018 elite's list, the list collected active 600 excellent talents in China's economic life, they increase in social work opportunity, at the same time, to promote the development of the economy is changing in China's economic life, improve China's global influence. Among them, zhang haochen, the representative of the post-90s young writers, made the list for the first time.


New young writers have unlimited possibilities

Zhang haochen, then 28 years old, has published five works to date as the outstanding writer among China's post-90s generation, with a total sales of over 6.5 million copies. Im only one person with you. Later, time is all about you was translated into Korean, Vietnamese and traditional Chinese and listed in Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. In May 2018, an experimental new book named "listen to you" is published. The book attempts to play different roles in the story by crossing gender, age and species restrictions in the form of letters. It is immersive and widely praised by readers.

On the other hand, he is also handsome in terms of variety and fashion. Last year, he made a visit to the 20th anniversary special of happy camp of hunan TV and recorded the 10th anniversary program of tiantian day. He also made a handsome appearance in the first show of chanel in China and the big show of PRADA in milan, Italy. At the beginning of 2018, zhang haochen participated in the "light raising annual public welfare festival", which won the "light raising annual public welfare star" award, breaking the traditional stereotype of writers.


The step of crossing the boundary is not only the work redevelopment is expected

In recent years, zhang haochen has always insisted on moving forward in his writing. While his works are innovative, he has never stopped in his cross-boundary challenges. In addition to winning in the field of fashion and business, the film and television development of his works is also in full swing. 2, 2017, based on the novel of the same name by zhang haochen Qingzi Kan , Zhiwei The drama "Im only one person with you. The play will begin its national tour in September 2018. It is reported, zhang haochen other IP film, television redevelopment is also in progress, it is expected.

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