He is the industry's “director of evil talent” after the success of the old wives are now worth billions of big winners

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He is the industry "ghost director" after the success of the old wives are now worth billions of big winners

When you talk about directors in the entertainment industry, you quickly think, Zhang Yimou , Feng Xiaogang , Chen Kaige , Tsui Hark And so on. Today we are going to talk about this director is called the new generation "ghost director" by the industry, he is Ning Hao .Ning Haois one of the most successful commercial film directors in China.

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Ning Hao, born into an ordinary family in shanxi, is the son of a steel worker . Ning Hao's father had hoped thatNing Haowould go into business with him, butNing Haoescaped.Ning Haosometimes wears a thick gold necklace around his neck, hinting at what he could have been .Ning Haoloved art since childhood. After graduating from junior high school, he studied art in a technical secondary school. Later, he was admitted to the art department of Beijing normal university and studied director. He graduated from the art department of Beijing normal university and the photography department of Beijing film academy. Ning Hao's graduation work Thursday, Wednesday also won the best director award at the 2001 Beijing university student film festival .

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Despite his passion,Ning Haostill needs opportunities to make a foothold in the entertainment industry. There are thousands of horses, but not bole. It is said thatNing Haohimself made a children's film Las verdes praderas, which was not released, but at the festival Andy Lau, See, Andy sent him into his "new Asian director project." Later, Ning Hao's Crazy Stone, ", a strong response, reputation dry. At the same time, the film also made a lot of people popular, such as Huang Bo , Guo Tao (actor) , Peng Bo And so on.Andy Lau,has achieved Ning Hao. Only when a steady stream of new people appear can Chinese films have a new look.

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In 2003,Ning Haodirected XiangHuo, his first film. In 2006, Ning Hao's low-budget comedyCrazy Stone,won several best director awards, including best original screenplay at the golden horse awards in Taiwan . In 2009, the movie "crazy racing" directed byNing Haoachieved a box office of over 100 million yuan with an investment cost of 10 million yuan, becoming the fourth mainland director to enter the 100-million-yuan club after Zhang Yimou,Chen Kaigeand Feng Xiaogang . His 2013 film, NoMansLand In the movie,Ning Haoalso played a supporting role.

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1, 2018, by him and Xu Zheng (actor) Executive produced drama film Dying to Survive ' . The movie "Dying to Survive" has become a movie craze, with a box office of over 1.89 billion yuan in just six days and a rating of 9.1 on douban.com, making it the ninth highest rated movie in Chinese film history. "Dying to Survive" is not the success of a new director, but the success of the new and old directors, and it is the success of Chinese films running towards the light. "Dying to Survive" also takes Chinese film market realism to a new level. The film also solidifies Ning Hao, film and television's indestructible position.

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Ning Hao has a thriving career, but he is very low-key emotionally. Ning Hao's wife is Xing Aina She is a screenwriter. Ning Hao's wife, Xing Aina, is a classmate of his at Peking University. In college,Ning Haoset up a small stall on wangfujing street to draw pictures for passers-by. During this period, he got acquainted withXing Ainaand later became a lover. After graduation, the couple held a simple wedding with the blessing of family and friends, and they had a child together.

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It is reported thatXing AinaandNing Haoboth flew north at that time, as two post-70 film couples who stayed together. Beginning with XiangHuo and Las verdes praderas, each of Ning Hao's films has a different degree of cooperation between them. Struggle & quot; In this era appears very classic. Later, her writing became even more powerful. There are some excellent works such as EternalMoment, Crazy Stone, GunsNRoses and heart blossom. GunsNRoses also won the best screenplay award at the China changchun film festival. Behind every successful man, there is a wise woman. I didn't knowNing Haohad such a strong character behind him. It was really crouching tiger, hidden dragon.

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Today,Ning Haois a billionaire director, his wife is fat and plain-looking, but he doesn't mind the old wives. His family was happy and successful, and he was the big winner.

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