S sister has a supermodel face.

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The S sisters were lucky enough to have both started out together as teenagers and become popular. Big S also formed the "ASOS" singing group, and the two hosted the "entertainment 100 percent" variety show of the eight GTV variety stations at the same time. Although later two people develop their respective careers, but the development of their careers is also the wind and water.


In addition to growing up well in their careers, the couple also managed their marriage very well. The two have been married and mothered, but their sisters have always been close friends, and the two have recently appeared together on the happy trio, giving many viewers a glimpse of their sisterhood. What's more, little S once said that big S: "the person I care about most in the world is you", and little S gave birth to her sister three times. In the entertainment industry, where plastic sisterhood is a regular occurrence, their relationship is a model.


As a star, size S often receives the attention of netizens. But in fact, S has a sister, called xixian xu. However, her sister xu xixian is not a member of the group. The three sisters grew up together since childhood, and the three sisters have a very good relationship. Big S used to say; "My eldest sister is two years older than me. She has the personality of a 14-year-old girl. Now married and with children, her husband works in the clothing industry. She likes to play with dogs at home. She doesn't have to work and watches our programs every day. She is the kind of person who runs home crying when she sees someone saying big S and little S on the road. Although the sisters choose a different life path, but sister xu xixian is really very low-key. Never borrow the fame of two sisters to do anything, even many people do not know size S and a sister.



Look at the group photo of the three children. The three sisters are really beautiful. girlish Barbie Hsu More pure in appearance, Dee Hsu They tend to be mature. But what attracted the attention of netizens was xu xixian, who was a wayan. Netizens said that wayan has a very international appearance and a kind of beauty of supermodel. Seeing this photo, many netizens call for wayan's temperament and appearance level. It's a pity that wayan doesn't go out of his way. It is said that xu xixian is not good at acting, so he did not participate in the S group.


Today's big sister, compared with two star sisters, its figure and appearance level is still somewhat different, it seems that maintenance is very important. But everyone has the right to choose their own life, and only the one that suits them is the best. No matter what kind of life the three sisters choose, they are the closest sisters to each other.


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