Oh, my emperor's Majesty' was praised by Hong Chuan's composer in the first quarter's musical talent.

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"Oh, My Majesty, Your Majesty," the first season ending musical talent Hong Chung composing soundtrack was praised

Recently, the first season of the costume idol "Oh! My Majesty" directed by Grace Gao, starring Zhao Lu Si , Jason Koo and Xiao war , was successfully completed in the first quarter. , Internet broadcast volume exceeded 1 billion. In addition to the ups and downs of the plot, the audience also loved it, it was a music that was brought into it.

The plot composing part of the story was entirely covered by the Hongchuan teacher, the founder of Beijing Chuanhe Music. The beautiful, sad storyline under the sympathy of the soundtrack further deepened the impression of the audience. Received acclaim. In the case of frequent hot pursuits in the plot, the music in the plot seemed to be full of effort and was loved by more people.

Hong Chuan formed the Sichuan band and released singles such as "My Favorite Man", "Enough Is Nothing" and "Upside Down Clock". In 2016, he established a Beijing-based music release artist promotion with the famous musician Cui Shu. Chuanhe Music Culture Co., Ltd.

I feel that Hong Xie Chuan has produced so many great musical compositions for us and hopes to see more exciting music in future music. Good music can withstand years of scouring, just like diamonds, and time will only polish it more smoothly.

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