Yu-Ning Tsao new transformation 2018 many works ready to go

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Yu-Ning Tsao , the artist signing artist, entered the entertainment filming premiere in 2014. This made him a professional baseball player who burst into red overnight, nominated Golden Horse Award for Best New Artist, and became the most powerful athlete in sports and entertainment circles New people.

Yu-Ning Tsao is a new transformation following the transformation of professional athletes and the firm actress. Many works will be coming soon in 2018, and the actor who is regarded as the most potential by the media gives the audience full of expectation.

 Yu-Ning Tsao

The first movie burst into red

From the player to the actor, Yu-Ning Tsao admitted that "the decision has been made for two years"

Yu-Ning Tsao, formerly a baseball ace pitcher, attended Fu Jen Catholic University's Department of Physical Education. He started professional baseball training at an early age, to participate in various youth competitions, become a professional player. Until 2014, Yu-Ning Tsao, a 19-year-old character starred in the premiere movie. The image of a handsome face and healthy sunshine made him burst into the red of the "rookie king" of the film industry. Even the media predicted that Yu-Ning Tsao's The future is unlimited.

However, giving up 10 years of baseball career is not easy for Yu-Ning Tsao. He said frankly: "I have been away from the stadium to showbiz for two years." For two years, Yu-Ning Tsao conscientiously refines and enriches himself, continuously learns and honed his acting skills, and prepares for transitional actors. Yu-Ning Tsao returns to the film after settling in 2016, and for the first time after Kara Hui collaborated with the Golden Shadow Films, he said he was very unforgettable about the filming: "This is a work I have taken after making an important decision in my life. It is very memorable, It is my honor and valuable experience to act together with the red sister. "

 Yu-Ning Tsao

Steadfast on the Road 2018 Many works are ready to go

In 2018, Yu-Ning Tsao will have a number of works to be unveiled. The " Rebirth Lift " challenge will be played by one person. " Crows " will transform into a judo player, and again Umin Boya 's "Interpersonal Firm" Try the warm and welcoming man, Yu-Ning Tsao, the first online drama Wang Sicong invested in, starring in Michelin Chef with obsessive-compulsive disorder. As a new generation of actors, these completely different types of film and television drama, a completely different character will be his reading, experience and more mature atmosphere.

 Yu-Ning Tsao

In addition to the concentrated outburst of work, Yu-Ning Tsao's perfect body, low-key, restrained personality, unique fresh temperament and anguished face make him look forward to endless performance in the fashion industry.

The multi-faceted Yu-Ning Tsao in front of the camera is actually a simple big boy in life. She keeps pets, shares positive energy on Weibo, and loves acting and sports. I believe this side of the sunshine, a hormonal teenager will reveal more attractive characters.

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