The golden horse awards, betty sun and xun zhou put on “the most harmonious bond between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” in history.

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The golden horse awards, Betty Sun and Xun Zhou Staged the "most harmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law" in history

Recently, Xun Zhou, Hugo , Zhang Yimou , Deng Chao Betty and Sun, Zhang Zifeng And other stars attended the 55th golden horse awards ceremony. This golden horse award ceremony has been completed perfectly, among which it is understandable that Zhang Yimou won the best director award for the film "film" with ink painting as the background color.Xu Zheng (actor)Also because of the Dying to Survive "Best actor in a leading role is deserved.

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But both Betty Sun and Xun Zhou, who were nominated for the golden horse awards at the same time, missed out on the competition. Though? At the golden horse awards, Betty Sun and Xun Zhou put on "the most harmonious relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law".

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All the Zhi Zhou Betty Sun once wrote Empresses in the Palace "Playing" Zhen Huan, "Xun Zhou's recent hit show"Ruyi's Royal Love in the PalaceZhen Huan in "ruyi" is ruyi's mother-in-law. In reality, both were shortlisted for the golden horse awards. "Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law's dispute" two people also become the focal point of the whole court. The result was a bit disappointing, but Betty Sun and Xun Zhou's "argument between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law" made them shake hands and laugh, so to speak, "the most harmonious one", even Deng Chao laughed.

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Xun Zhou, a 17-year-old star with a reputation for talent and hard work, Between the development of TV series and films, the style is changeable and not follow the rules. She won golden rooster, golden horse and hundred flowers awards in the film industry. In the television aspect also has won the golden eagle prize, the flying apsaras prize, the white magnolia prize and so on can say that the bowl is full, second only Zhang Ziyi . In 2000, with Zhao Wei , Zhang Ziyi, Xu Jinglei It was also called "four little flowers" by the media and then changed to "four big flowers".

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Of course, Betty Sun did not want to be outdone, since she was very talented in literature and art. At the age of 11, due to her outstanding dancing, Betty Sun visited Britain, America, Japan and other countries with Shanghai Oriental little group art troupe . In 2001, Betty Sun starred in Jade Guanyin "Into show business. In terms of TV series, she is also a strong actor who won the award with soft hands, such as golden eagle award, magnolia award, flying apsaras award and so on. Betty Sun is not a prolific actress. She has been active in TV series for many years. She seldom appears on the screen of film industry. Perhaps that's why she missed out on the golden horse award. Her marriage to Deng Chao is even more admirable. She has never had an affair from two people to a family of four. The editor also wishes Betty Sun and Deng Chao continued to be happy!

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