Ordinary glory' reveals' professional edition 'by mark chao bai jingting to unlock key words in the workplace

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Star connection September 19It was produced by cool distribution, Mark Chao , Bai Jingting , Bridgette Qiao Starring, Daxun Wei Starring, Zuo who , Chang, Liu, Cameo, Hanchen Pang , Zhang Zixian , Ping Hao , Ho ắ Chinh Ng ạ c n Starring in the realistic workplace drama Ordinary glory "Is coming soon. Today (September 19) exposed the "job side" version of the stills, the full set of workplace atmosphere and unique texture, the reappearance of the ordinary and real workplace small figures, highlighting the city's ordinary people to strive for perseverance.

Ordinary power! Delicate subject refraction struggle process

Unlike previous workplace drama theme, theOrdinary glory"will not be the pen in the leading role of hang career stages and love experience, but by about ten thousand not promotion investment company manager Wu Ke (Mark Chao) and the entry of new rookie Sun Yiqiu (Bai Jingting) two unappreciated, Ordinary people and their different people around to reflect real life. This kind of delicate handling method is also very satisfactory to the netizens who have been following the drama all the time, and many people commented: "every character seems to represent a way of life, really like seeing the workplace around us. It is commendable that the characters all have their own characteristics."Ordinary glorypresents thousands of faces of Ordinary people ina city through the real performance of the characters. It interprets the various life behind the life with the pure workplace, and feels the struggling spirit in the heart of the little people with the delicate subject matter of realism.

At the same time, the play also integrates multiple features in the workplace. No matter the restore Settings on the scene or the characters in different forms, it all shows the excellent production and ingenuity of the crew.Ordinary glorybrings the realistic, pure and down-to-earth workplace drama to the screen, making the inspirational and struggling office workers the protagonist of the story, highlighting the constant social positive energy in The Times.

Mirror yourself at work! The stills face the world of work

In this new set of photos, the actors and actresses show off their characters and "working faces." Wu ke, played by Mark Chao, sits unceremoniously in his office, his cool eyes seemingly introspective, the neon lights flashing out the window behind him contrasting with the chaos of his desk. Meanwhile, sun yiqiu, played by Bai Jingting, sits at his desk and looks around his head when he first enters the workplace. As an intern, he is trying to explore, with suspicious eyes and inquiring demeanor, revealing the ignorance and confusion of the new employees. By contrast, the interns who have joined the company in the same period, an qian yi (Bridgette Qiao), hao shuai (Daxun Wei) and gao sicong (Hanchen Pang), have already begun to have an air of strength. Hao shuai leisurely single-handed control of the computer, eyes quite a bit of fun and exploratory taste; Gao sicong's eyes are burning, showing confidence in the workplace. But jin yuming (Zhang Zixian) is a working "old man" with a pen in his mouth, staring intently at his documents with an unpretentious warmth.

In addition, the actor Zuo who, Chang Liu, Ping Hao, Ho Chinh Ng ạ c ắ n dedecates road to theOrdinary glory". Yu wenli, played by Zuo Xiaoqing, is dressed in a black professional outfit. Chang Liu, the actor turned "boss of turtle hair" jiangnan, stood in his office holding documents and stared at his subordinates with rigorous and forceful eyes. Managing director qu zhonghui (Ping Hao) looks ahead, hands clasped, slightly scowled, and examines a solemn look of authority. Ding Libo (Ho ắ Chinh Ng ạ c, n) is turned to disregard, appeared to be hesitant to do next decisions and trade-offs. The release of the "professional side" version of the stills, the "professional side" key words of the actors into the workplace "face" attitude of the small figures, these different identities, different personalities, different attitudes toward work, life is the epitome of every ordinary office workers. Various types of workers make the struggle process of these ordinary images more realistic. They face up to the crisis of the workplace and practice their own social value through continuous experience.

The series not only presents the characters and characteristics of each character more completely and wonderfully, but also expresses the profound significance of the stories by focusing on the daily life of new employees and middle managers and eulogizing ordinary workers. "Ordinary glory" takes root in the real world with the theme of work and condenses the images to pay homage to the Ordinary.

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