How domineering! wang sicong responded in eight words to dating web celebrity, and netizens said: “no problem.”

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Too proud! Wang Sicong Eight word reply and web celebrity date, net friend direct shout: have no trouble

A netizen ran into Wang Sicong for a meal with a woman on April 14 and posted a set of photos of the two of them together. In the photos, the two sometimes look at each other and laugh, sometimes play and play, and the staged Wang Sicong's overbearing President's order.

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A netizen then asked: "where does Wang Sicong come from? Can I share a little bit with my boyfriend? Did not expect to attract a smart response: "because of the money, so shopping." Wang Sicong, the only son of Wang Jianlin, the director of wanda group, topped the Beijing sishao group. These eight words of domineering response are not flaunt wealth, but real wealth. Have net friend to shout directly, too domineering! No problem. There is also the self-deprecation of male compatriots: "poverty limits my travel." Emm, Emm...

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Wang Sicong is one of the most beautiful and interesting souls in the world. Some netizens joked: "just after being targeted by art, tiger mouth out of danger, out again blind show off in an ostentatious manner, ha ha.. But it really fits in with his slightly frivolous personality of the year.

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It is reported that a few days ago, President Wang went to watch S race, the audience was too hungry Wang Sicong big mouth hot dogs were photographed. Wang Sicong was targeted by art students, followed by Wang Sicong eye chart, Wang Sicong emoji package, Wang Sicong sketch, and so on were thoroughly played out, do things? It's been a day of fun for everyone. Wang Sicong has also been praised as "the source of happiness today" by netizens, and has become the source of business opportunities. Mobile phone cases, small games and so on have been launched frequently.

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Wang Sicong has been on the hot search list for several days, and this time he responded to the hot search by dating web celebrity again. This operation is really Skr,Skr... The editor also suspected that the hot search in November, you are not the President wang contract?

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