Tencent prosecution focus mairui 맹 미 기, meng mei qi, wu xuanyi, zhang zining was bitter pit!

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Tencent sued lehua malui & NBSP; 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi , Wu Xuanyi , Zhang Zining The pit hurts!

A few days ago, focus and MaiRui entertainment entertainment artists in a joint statement said 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, Zhang Zining will terminate contract with hainan Sunday entertainment company, the reason is that hainan Sunday entertainment not following the instructions before the two parallel contract principle, focus and MaiRui entertainment entertainment as the primary entertainment brokerage firm in order to protect the rights of artists protest for termination.



Today, in response to the incident, tencent again issued a statement on the lehua, mairui and three artists serious breach of the act, has been the legal proceedings! 18 conglobation conference will be held on time, in addition to 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi Zhang Zining three people outside of the other eight members of the team will all attend. Also said in a statement "focus entertainment, MaiRui entertainment and three artists 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, purple ning request of termination, resolute don't accept", "any enterprises, institutions and individuals without permission, without authorization, in collaboration with three people, belong to the infringement behavior" !



Goose has previously said publicly: "no member of the company will have other ideas for the selection of poor music EP press conference and media interviews, will be responsible for every child." And in the context of the current news, tencent will be blocked from the three little sister, and will terminate all cooperation with focus, means to remove "맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, Zhang Zining" thought, focus of all artists will be affected. So see, host "everyday is up" the male advocate blue forget machine one horn that ACTS "Chen qing watch" Wang Yibo There also seems to be no small danger, which makes Wang Yibo's fans nervous.


Leave the sound Mingfa Out after 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi, Wu Xuanyi, purple ning three collective voice for the first time, the post express a state of mind, "all the suffering is the path of growth" "beginner's mind, Thanksgiving, do what you" "the only can do is to let oneself become strong, is willing to trust each other, grow together". Fans have said "love 맹 미 기, Meng Mei Qi Wu Xuanyi purple ning! This see is the company end hair!" "Too obvious, look be a company hair, so neat and still be hair at the same time, estimate be want to just bottom."


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