Flow stars are cast out good actors light up the hopes of ran zhao in the industry adversity

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Linkeddb News November 12& have spent In the popular variety show I am an actor, famous actorsXu Zheng (actor)As a judge once exclamation: "the spring of the good actor is coming", yes, nowadays the audience is more and more rational, those who do not have the acting ability but take the high-paying traffic star to be cast eventually, the good actor is finally to boil over; Reviewing the past, film and television industry is booming in China, the domestic film is still in constant influx of talent, the development of various young actors, however, as the threshold is more and more low, the industry competition is also increasingly fierce and cruel, in the film and television industry is still winter, still have a lot of actor can by mature acting for their steady win the blue sky, the mainland artists actor Ran Zhao is one of them.

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The film and television industry plays an extremely important role in the ideological and cultural communication of the Chinese people, and actors play an indispensable role as the mainstay of the film circle. In today's industry with different professional qualities, the market is facing a brutal elimination. However, a group of powerful actors represented by Ran Zhao have ushered in the spring. With a never-say-die attitude, they have been struggling in their performing arts career and attracted more and more attention from producers, directors and film and television companies.

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Ran Zhao, who was born in hebei province, graduated from the acting department of Beijing film academy in 2017. World granary A companion piece of costume drama World grain field In the movie, Ran Zhao plays an official of the second generation of "featured villain", who seems to have a deep character, but has a heavy heart of love for his father. With his excellent performance, Ran Zhao is able to interpret the courageous, positive and evil villain with ease.

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However, the stubborn and hard-headed characters in the drama are also the advantages of actor Ran Zhao. No matter how difficult the situation is, he still pushes forward. "World grain field" won an excellent feature film at the golden eagle festival, becoming the only costume drama among the 12 TV series shortlisted. Ran Zhao won a career breakthrough by playing the role of iron arrow flying.

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Iron arrow fly this character live in the hearts of the audience, Ran Zhao also gained good popularity and reputation among the audience, so he took a big step in the road of "real actor", and also ignited the hope of moving forward. Ran Zhao learned martial arts at an early age with his father, Zhao Wei ping, and later martial arts master wang shiquan Chang Chen As a brother of tongmen, he is a descendant of the bajiquan nine generations, has a national martial arts section system six, has won the bajiquan champion in Beijing traditional martial arts championship, the bajiquan champion in the five provinces of north China traditional martial arts championship and many other honors.

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In 2018, Ran Zhao, Baihui Xu , Tai Shen The leading TV series, wutong street police station, is a perfect success. This TV series featuring many new actors has a close life theme and ups and downs of the plot. Ran Zhao grasped every opportunity to study and study acting skills, and asked his predecessors for help with modesty and diligence.

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After his participation in the wutong street police station, Ran Zhao committed himself to the filming of the online drama parallel maze, which was directed by gu yunyun and produced by silba culture.SNH48Liu Ting, SNH48 Xu Jiaqi , 闫猛, Li Yue The cast co-starred with Ran Zhao, who plays Guo Liang, the police chief. Later, Ran Zhao was invited to join another super network show, true lies Siqing Zhang The work of the director, and Yu Nan , Jiadong Xing Cooperate with others.

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up. Great Pudong As a gift film for 2018, Ran Zhao, who is watched by the director due to his simple and refined temperament, has contributed a lot of important moments. I believe that he, who is passionate and energetic about the performance, will show his excellent acting power in the play.

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At present, the play has entered the final stage, and will soon meet the audience. I look forward to the wonderful performance of Ran Zhao in the play. I also wish this dedicated, modest and progressive young actor a smooth career in the career.

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