Fat's counterattack! Eddie Peng Elvis Han Ziwen Zhang Xiu Jie Kai Raquel Xin Jiang

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In the entertainment industry, fat people are potential stocks! Popular stars such as Eddie Peng , Elvis Han , Ziwen Zhang , Xiu Jie Kai , Raquel , and Xin Jiang were once fat, but they turned gorgeously into inspirational goddess goddess through fitness and hard work. Let's see if they are How to beat a bad card.

Eddie Peng VS Elvis Han

Recently, Elvis Han spoke to Weidie on the photo with Eddie Peng and said: Finally met Eddie Peng, the spiritual instructor on the fitness road. Don't look at all the handsome muscular men. They used to be small. Fat-level characters, Hua Lily 's metamorphosis in the man is really seductive! It is reported that this is also the first photo frame of Elvis Han and Eddie Peng, which made the fans excited. At present, the TV series "Three Kingdoms Confidential" and " If life meets you " starring Elvis Han are being hit.

Ziwen Zhang VS Xiu Jie Kai

Ziwen Zhang and Xiu Jie Kai, who have the same experience as Elvis Han and Eddie Peng, are all keen on sports. They are physically strong and fit, and there are many people who are longing for the mermaid line. It is hard to imagine that they were Fat boys. Xiu Jie Kai once said frankly that when he was a child, he was pushed out of the country because of too fat heterosexuality. He was still in the middle of the country, playing basketball, diet control, and heights quickly raised, suddenly changing from flesh to man. Bamboo pole shape.

Raquel VS Xin Jiang

Similar to them are Raquel and Xin Jiang. These two female stars have always been the representatives of fat and beautiful. They are all easy fat physiques. They have tried hard to control their weight and have tried hard to keep fit. Nowadays, the inspirational goddesses, who are now transformed into “fitness demons”, frequently display photos of themselves in the gym in Twitter, and are of good stature and coveted. It is reported that Raquel starred in the TV series “ Adventure. King Wei SiLi will be broadcast on the entire network on April 9. Stay tuned.

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