Nobody' movie, brother and sister farewell version of the special chen jianbin ren suxi show through the door to cry to the audience

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Linkeddb News November 27& have spent by Xiaozhi Rao The director, Chen Jianbin , Ren Suxi , Binlong Pan ,Lee Jang woo -, Yin Yin Ma , Yanhui Wang , Cheng Yi , Huanyu Ning , nine holes, Dun Eun Hee Nobody, the movie co-starring Nobody, is currently in hot theaters. Currently, the box office of Nobody has exceeded 300 million yuan, and it has become a domestic dark horse with strong foreign films and won a good box office and public praise. And recently released brother and sister farewell version of the special, once again evoke the audience for the play brother and sister two people's feelings of sadness and regret.

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"Nobody" revealed brother and sister farewell version of the special Chen Jianbin Ren Suxi across the door to watch crying audience

Nobody, directed by Xiaozhi Rao, starred by Chen Jianbin, Ren Suxi, Binlong Pan, Lee jang-woo, Yin Yin Ma, Yanhui Wang, Cheng Yi, Huanyu Ning, jiu kong, Dun Eun Hee and others, is currently in hot release. Currently, the box office has exceeded 300 million yuan, and it has successfully become a domestic dark horse in foreign films. Won a good box office and reputation. And recently released brother and sister farewell version of the special, once again evoke the audience for the play brother and sister two people's feelings of sadness and regret.

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Chen Jianbin Ren Suxi outside farewell acting burst brother and sister reconciliation into tears harvester

Nobody, the Nobody movie, is a hit, breaking 300 million yuan at the box office in its first 10 days in theaters. It has become a dark horse for domestic films as it has emerged from the ranks of foreign blockbusters. Recently, the film is in the voice of the audience, Chen Jianbin as ma xianyong and Ren Suxi as ma jia-qi across the door biao play segment into a brother and sister farewell version of the special show to the audience, many viewers said "once again by the brothers and sisters acting and feelings of admiration, too much heart."

& have spent In special Ma Xianyong standing at the door Ma Jiaqi growled to open the door, ready to die Ma Jiaqi, gave his brother a diatribe, prepares to leave the brother, Ma Jiaqi stopped him, and through the door and say goodbye to him and give him a charge "to eat breakfast, don't take yourself living in a mess" and bring into tears blame elder brother "I have today, are you hurt", short a few words will Ma Jiaqi with brother knot untied, the unwitting Ma Xianyong was slightly mass at the right hypochondrium response to Ma Jiaqi "farewell" suggests that oneself want to do a big deal. In the clip, the reason for the paralysis of majia flag was also revealed to the audience. With a loud bang, majia flag was stuck in the overturned car and struggling painfully. When ma xianyong looked at his wife who had died in the distance, his desperate and empty eyes made the audience couldn't help feeling the same.

& have spent Later, ma jiaqi tearfully said to hu guangsheng: "I forgive him." Seemingly easy to forgive, I do not know how many days and nights of pain and suffering. At this moment, ma jiaqi finally put down the burden in his heart, forgive his brother, and ma xianyong also for his guilt to pay, decided to finish this "big thing" with his sister to live a better life. It was their awkwardness and unspoken love that made the audience red in the eyes. This "inarticulate" expression of family members became the tear-jerker in the film.

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Ren Suxi crash scene. JPG

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The director first revealed the brother-sister relationship behind the box office broke 300 million for five consecutive days to retain the title of single-day

The movie "Nobody" brother and sister just released version TV audience's high praise and buzz, had the audience in the roadshow for the segment to the director question: "why see brother sister didn't take the key", attracted the audience joke, to respond to this director "of the relationship between the brother and sister, my brother didn't the key of the house of my sister also belongs to the normal" and said sorry to the audience "filming this there is a carpet Ma Xianyong opened the door to find the key, but because the long cut this piece of picture, in the future will pay more attention to the small details in the movie".

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Successive defeat the current film two weeks ago, a number of strong incoming foreign films, many times the top day box office champion, and 300 million at the box office good achievements in 10 days, become a dark horse, the domestic film led to universal as tap water amway the movie, is called a "Nobody" in the hit movie last, this winter, let the temperature of the domestic film accompany you spend.

& have spent Film Nobody has on November 16 cinemas across the country, by the king's film and TV culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Jingxi Culture&Tourism Co., Ltd, emperor industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai are the film and TV culture Co., Ltd., huoerguos young a diet in order to send pictures Co., Ltd., shenzhen arts culture media Co., Ltd., production, IQIYI pictures (Beijing) co., LTD., zhejiang culture media co., LTD., Beijing city yuan yao lai tencent pictures, film and TV culture media co., LTD., Shanghai culture communication co., LTD., Beijing China shadow vertical and horizontal film distribution co., LTD., pearl river film media co., LTD., NingYang pictures (guangzhou) co., LTD., Beijing music moving pictures, flowers co., LTD.


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