Next stop legend xu xinwen weeded out the net friend to shout too regrettable!

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 Linkeddb News November 26"The voice of the Chinese dream: legend of the next station" premiere of the sixth issue, the strength of the singer singing and dancing Xu Xinwen PK handsome little sister wu Fan Zhuo Unfortunately eliminated from the stage, net friends: singing and dancing but was eliminated, too regrettable!

Recall Xu Xinwen from the second phase of the show began to stage, a "remarkable" to conquer the mentor Kris Wu , the first to press the pass button; In the fourth PK, impromptu singing "every day" warmth and moving, successful return to hot; The fifth self-confidence on PK stage, the atmosphere of the "voice of Europe and the United States" to bring their own songs, TV drama" 1001 Arabian Nights "The most brilliant love" episode, once again conquered the audience and instructors, successfully returned to the hot seat! In a blink of an eye came to the ultimate PK competition, Xu Xinwen all the way through, amazing singing strength, and the stage appeal of countless praise. Even leaving the stage, Kris Wu said Xu Xinwen is strong enough to stand alone.

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& have spent That night, Xu Xinwen in the program broadcast at the same time, in the micro blog issued his fans reached 600,000 welfare "open live" and fans close interaction! Talk about life, talk about music, talk about dreams. When talking about being eliminated, Xu Xinwen also smiled and said bluntly, "in the future, speak with works!" On the contrary, the warm comfort of fans and their company and support all the time moved her so much that she choked up several times.

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& have spent Xu Xinwen has always been optimistic and cheerful, no matter what the situation, always wearing a bright smile on his face, even if left the stage, even if the sisters fighting side by side cried, Xu Xinwen is still strong smile, loudly said: "I am the singer Xu Xinwen! Leave the stage, to a new journey! No longer shining in the stars, you are the most beautiful scenery!

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