Leo ku multi-purpose studio comes to the agenda and surprises are constantly “crossover”.

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Linkeddb News October 16Recently, Leo Ku ( Leo ) multi-purpose Studio (multi-purpose Studio) officially opens the curtain, good friend Vivian Chow Joe Nieh The couple, Natalie Tong , Jade Kwan , Shufen Chen , Jason Momoa Hu zhuoxi and other attendance support, and Mani Fok , Dayo Wong , Aaron Kwok , Karen Mok , Elena Kong , grasshoppers, Sandy Lamb , Ekin Cheng Yoyo Mung The couple,Stephen Chan Chi wan, Vivian Lai And so on with the flower blue greeting, very thoughtful.

& have spent From actor to singer, producer to director, designer to cartoonist.. Leo Ku USES "unconventional" to surprise everyone every time. All the Zhi Zhou Leo Ku has created clothing brands and confectionery stores, and now has multi-purpose Studio, a business that spans all sorts of sectors.

& have spent At the opening party, Leo Ku was livestreaming with Vivian Chow and Natalie Tong to lead a tour of Studio panorama. Vivian Chow, who shot a promotional video here, appreciated the Studio's sea view the most. After that, she went to the window and looked at it. Natalie Tong said she loves the kitchen best. "the two beauties walked in and it was the real 'beauty kitchen'," said gigi.

& have spent Earlier, Leo Ku invited musicians to open a "bathroom party" in the Studio and broadcast the concert live in the bathroom. "in fact, I want to make every corner beautiful, so that different areas of the Studio, even the bathroom, can be used as shooting scenes," he said. Want to say, all-powerful ji zai, is there any super idea that you do not have?

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