Ziki Helps 2018 Zhengkai International Marathon

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On March 25th, the 5km small Marathon at the 2018 Zhengkai International Marathon opened in the Zhengdong New Area . In the early morning of the same day, the Zhengdong New Area was dressed up in a variety of costumes and danced by various runners. The beautiful landscape, the reporter learned that the small marathon of the day was attended by nearly 20,000 people. Many people were grouped together with friends and relatives. In their opinion, “Participating in the pony is a process, it is a very Unique life experience."


On the day of the game, apart from the many athletes who rushed through, there are many precious memorable moments. In order to pass on the spirit of the 12-day Zhengkai Marathon to more audiences who couldn't get to the scene, Ziki ’s artist Ziki is in the process. The marvelous moment of the live small marathon, from the participating teams gathered in the morning, to the athletes entering the stadium, to the exciting shots of the stadium, and the scrambled moments when the runners were running, made the Zhengkai Marathon a truly interactive online and offline interaction. At the event, many of the audience who watched the live broadcast indicated that although they did not arrive at the scene, they had already felt the atmosphere of the lively atmosphere and the passion of the entire people was driven.


No matter where she was, the gorgeous woman never lacked the lens. In the marathon of the day, Ziki was invited by photography enthusiasts to shoot marathon on the streets. One of the photography enthusiasts also stated that although I did not participate in the competition, I Every year, people come to the scene to record wonderful people and moments. Tomorrow they are the most precious memories.


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