Jj lin hebe tien joins sandy lam paul wong (musician) in' imagine moving 'concerts

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Hebe Tien insists the breakthrough fits with the organizers. JPG

Linkeddb News November 23& have spent As the "theme concert" which is rarely seen in the performance market at present, "breaking through the imagination" concert can be said to be quite careful in the cast of the card company. The organizers have invited JJ Lin , Sandy Lam , Hebe Tien ,Paul Wong (musician)Such strong singing will be combined to sing, is bound to bring China stream music fans a refreshing "breakthrough imagination" audio-visual feast!

Paul Wong (musician) joins

JJ Lin and Hebe Tien have each been musicians for over 15 years, while Sandy Lam andPaul Wong (musician)have moved into music over the years. The four guests not only had the courage to break through in their music career and constantly tried new music styles and themes, but also won the recognition of market reputation and professional awards. They are also active in many fields such as variety shows, films, TV dramas, musicals and public welfare activities. It can be said that these four artists themselves are the "breakthrough imagination" of the strongest "spokesmen". No wonder the four guests hit it off when organizers invited them to join hands on November 30 for an unprecedented "beyond imagination" concert.

JJ Lin Hebe Tien hits the music scene with Sandy Lam Paul Wong

With the official disclosure of the guest lineup of "imagine beyond" concert, JJ Lin's reunion with Hebe Tien quickly aroused heated discussions among fans. As good friends for many years, the two are not only very good personal friends, but also often open platform for each other. It is worth mentioning that in the first season of the voice of dreams, although the two expressed their support and love for each other's music for several times, they failed to cooperate with each other on the same stage. In this "breakthrough in imagination" concert, whether they could fulfill the wishes of fans to sing together on the same stage has become the hottest topic of discussion among the public.

& have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent Although Hebe Tien has never performed on the same stage with Sandy Lam, she has sung "cold wind blows for you and me" in public. Hebe has made no secret of his love for this elder musician. Sandy Lam has adapted" Broad sea "To impress fans, will you musician this time along with Paul Wong (musician)? Questions will be answered at the Cadillac center's "imagine beyond" concert on Nov. 30.

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