2018 summer holiday documentary guide comedy suspense children Qi battle domestic film to meet orgy

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The passage of time, such as the White horse , has passed halfway through 2018. The pace of July has slowly entered us and the summer vacation mode has also begun. July's cinema is also a lively event. Comedy, suspense, and children are all on the line. Domestically produced movies welcome the carnival season and many good-looking movies are coming. I took you with you and took my wallet. I went to the theater with my little partner to enjoy the air conditioning.

I. " I am not a drug god ": Laughter and tears fly together.


Release time: July 6, 2018

Director: Wen Mu Ye

Starring: Xu Zheng (actor) , Yiwei Zhou , Eric , Zhuo Tan , Lee Jang-woo , Xinming Yang

Type: comedy

Film length: 115 minutes

Concern index: Douban (14296) cat's eye (53536) Piao ticket (91722)

Plot introduction: An uninvited visitor accidentally broke the ordinary life of God Yong (Xu Zheng (actor)), an oil shop owner. He jumped from being a male health care product seller who could not afford to rent, to India's imitation astronomical drug. Exclusive agent. He has made huge profits and his life has changed drastically. He has been dubbed the "Medicine God" by the patients. Subsequently, a tug-of-war battle on salvation slowly unfolded in the darkness of the waves.

Watch point:

1. The new director Wen Mu Ye brings surprises in Chinese movie

As a new masterpiece of the "Bad Monkey 72 Film Project", Wen Mu Ye's strong realist portrayal ability will be a highlight of the film. "I am not a drug god", based on the comic style of the preservation type, brings a wonderful grass roots counterattack legend in the way of local subject matter and realistic brushstrokes, giving viewers "joy" and "elimination". The two-way feeling, but also see the human nature and the hope and warmth of society.

2. Realism presents a new group image performance to harvest the audience laughter and tears

At the Shanghai Film Festival, "I am not a drug god" held thousands of people in front of the audience. The word of mouth was bursting with popularity, and it also raised the audience's expectations for the film. “There is courage, courage, temperature, acting skills, and quality. In terms of subject matter and type, “I am not a drug god” is an important breakthrough in Chinese film.” During the viewing process, “I am not a drug God's “grassroots-like reality” portrays vividly the story of the tough person’s life. For the profound theme of “I am not a drug god”, the audience reads: “The summer archives of conscience work, life or life should be optimistic and realistic.” “All the actors perform online, and they have a good burst of acting like a group.” The vivid depiction of grassroots groups can not be separated from the joint effort of the “good people”.

Second, " Hidden Man ": Jiang Wen has a sword for four years


Release time: July 13, 2018

Director: Jiang Wen

Starring: Eddie Peng , Liao Fan , Zhou Yun , Xu Qing , Kenya Sawada , Jiang Wen

Genre: Action/Love/Adventure

Concern index: Douban (56415) cat's eye (80979) Tao Piao ticket (122128)

Plot introduction: The film was adapted from Zhang Heibei 's martial arts novel “ Xia Yin ”, but it is quite different from the original. Telling Peking in 1936, the young valiant man Li Tianran sought the culprit of a bloody case five years ago and went deep into the alleys of the ancient capital. As his investigations deepened, the story of wits fighting in every corner of the capital surfaced.

Watch point:

1. Trailing suspense, clustered movements, turbulent rebellion, Peiping's revenge on rivers and lakes

There are more than ten days before the release, Jiang Wen's new "Hidden Man" release drama preview. During the troubled times in Peiping, all the forces have appeared one after another. When national hatred and family hate each other, what kind of militants will be staged? In just 70 seconds, the familiar tough guys and beautiful people are still there, but the suffocating suspense and intensive action scenes are the works of Jiang Wen. Unprecedented.

2. Jiang Wen continues to open the hole Eddie Peng "Upper room uncovered" is not an unusual road

Jiang Wen does not admire the ancients but instead is keen to rebel. This seemingly deviant spirit can always resonate with young people in the current era. The hero of the original novel, Li Nuan, is a martial arts artist. He often flies with midnight and is very restless. One of Eddie Peng's shots walking above the roof of the trailer is flashed. This is reminiscent of Jiang Wen's debut movie "Sunny Day". Ma Xiaojun is equally happy to walk freely on the roof of other people. After more than two decades, Jiang Wen once again asked Eddie Peng to “get up in the house”. The upper house must be “exposed”, and Jiang Wen, who had never followed the rules, chose a new perspective this time. In the "real world," continue "not to take the unusual road."

Third, " New Oolong House's Laughing Lakes ": ridiculous oolong anecdotes


Release time: July 13, 2018

Director: Kevin Chu

Starring: Ng Man-tat , Siu-Man Fok , Chuan-Chen Yeh , Song Xiaobao , Eric Tsang , Jiang Chaoliang , Ning Wang , Lianshun Kong

Type: Comedy/Action

Film length: 90 minutes

Concern index: Douban (1598) Cat's Eye (260920) Piao ticket (176370)

Introduction to the storyline: This is based on the classic cartoon IP " Oolong House ". After the Oolong Academy went to the new year recruiting season, Away (Ning Wang) who wanted to be a bad guy and Cheng Ming Star (Lianshun Kong) who wanted to learn badly sneaked into the Oolong Academy. Carrying a secret mission. In order to defraud the faith of the long-brown Master (Ng Man-tat decoration), the duo cooperated with Xiao Wen Ju (Siu-Man Fok), the great brother (Jiang Chaoliang), the sunshine ( Junhao Zhang ), and the “Sweet Beauty Little” Some of the apprentices of the sister-in-law " Li Lingyu " and other apprentices had a series of ridiculous Oolong affairs in the Oolong Court. With the appearance of the mysterious woman ( Zhi Wang ), the absurd animosity of the wrestling will be forthcoming. .

Watch point:

1. Ng Man-tat Siu-Man Fok reunites after 24 years

The “ New Oolong Academy ” was adapted from the cartoon of the same name by Nguyen Ng Cheung. Ng Man-tat was upgraded from the older brother to the long-browed amulet and led the Oolong Academy to a more impoverished tomorrow; Siu-Man Fok worked hard for 20 years. Do not change the nature of love chicken. The original team returned 24 years later, and many laughter stars and all kinds of adorable babies are also quite interesting.

2. A confluence of stars with you to enjoy the summer

Ng Man-tat, Siu-Man Fok, Jiang Chaoliang, and Song Xiaobao formed the “Sperm Heaven Mission” represented by “Oolong Tiantuan” and Ning Wang, Lianshun Kong, Zhi Wang, and Eric Tsang. Intensified competition. The original crew of the continuation of the classic, South-South laughter lineup with a full range of high-energy laughter, "New Oolong House" can be called this summer, a rare age for all ages. Ning Wang's miserable appease for help broke the atmosphere of solemn and caught off guard displaying the daily life of the Oolong Hospital. Lianshun Kong's improper goddess changed her ability to learn to pinch needles, and his expression was fierce and synchronised with God. Ng Man-tat played cross-border, succumbed to the abbot and live broadcast, and succeeded in turning "slash-aged".

Fourth, " Di RenJies four kings ": Mark Chao first detective return


Release time: July 27, 2018

Director: Tsui Hark

Starring: Mark Chao, Feng Shaofeng , Lin Gengxin , Carina Lau , Ma Sichun

Type: Action / Suspense / Costume

Concerns: Watercress (23,626) Cat's Eye (216,594) Piao Tickets (329167)

The storyline introduction: Di Renjie (Mark Chao) has broken the king of the Dragon King case, was given to Yu Long, and is in charge of Dali Temple, making him the biggest threat to Wu Zetian (Carina Lau) on the road to power. Wu Zetian ordered Feng Zhifeng (Feng Shaofeng) to build up a powerful group of “special people” in order to eliminate his thorns. With the assistance of the medical officer Shatuo Zhong (Lin Gengxin), Di Renjie wanted to guard the dragons, but also to unearth the strange and mysterious case. He also had to face Wu Zetian’s hard-pressed efforts. Datang Jiangshan was caught in an unprecedented crisis.

Watch point:

1. Di Renjie encounters the biggest surprise in the history

In this “Den RenJies four kings”, Di Renjie was smashed by a super strange case, which was deeply immersed in the greatest crisis in history. Mark Chao said: “This time, Di Renjie’s contradiction and dilemma lies in the conflict between his inner thoughts and the actual situation.” He also revealed that Di Renjie’s “spiritual problem has caused him to have a headache or heartache, There was a fainting situation.” In the movie, Shatuo Zhong, a medical officer often accompanied by Di Renjie, treats acupuncture and moxibustion. As Di Renjie’s closest partner, Shatuo Zhong is the one who knows his most secret and most vulnerable people. In the face of Datang’s reign of blood, Di Renjie suffered from heart disease and Shatuo Zhong also had many difficulties. Under the crisis, the two people were caught in a complicated whirlpool. This will make it difficult for the brother-in-law to go where it will be.

2. Di Renjie’s Universe Revives the Audience's Expectations

Di Renjie series has always been highly anticipated as the most eye-catching brand series in the Chinese film industry. This time, "Di Renjie Universe" opened again and brought "Di RenJies four kings" to a strong return to the audience. Referring to the Di Renjie series, director Tsui Hark expressed his desire: “I hope not only to bring the audience to China, but to the viewers of the entire world, to see how we Chinese people create this wonderful and wonderful case.” Di Renjie as China IP came to the world and assembled Datang heroes to show the world the culture of China's Tang Dynasty and the continuous development of the Chinese contemporary film industry.

V. " Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu ": The special effects lens is more expensive to build


Release time: July 13, 2018

Director: Pang Ho-cheung

Starring: Lei Wu , Tony Leung Ka-Fai , Carina Lau, Zhang Yishang , Jia-yi Feng , Ming Dao , kiki , Duobujie , Tuka

Genre: Action / Love / Fantasy

Film length: 90 minutes

Concerns: Douban (1844) Cat's Eye (69552) Piao Tickets (65257)

Plot introduction: Hundred years ago, the three-headed Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu King (Tony Leung Ka-Fai decorated the head of desire and Carina Lau decorated the head of strategy) decided to launch a war to destroy the heavenly realm and change the rotation of life in the determination of good and evil. Natural law. Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu’s defeated King, losing his head of insight (Lei Wu), was sent to the world of purgatory.

One hundred years later, Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu wanted to launch another attack. However, if he wants to open the door of heaven, he must find the head of insight and be united to succeed. In the border villages, the young goatmen (Lei Wu) were suddenly found by the king of Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu and were brought into the Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu community. Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu In the royal palace, Ruyi received the courtesy of the king and experienced a variety of unprecedented desires. When he saw King Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu wantonly destroy his life and learn that he was the reincarnation of the head of insight, he would flee the palace with anger when he and the king of Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu destroyed heaven. The beautiful and kind Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu rebel leader Hua Rui (Zhang Yishang) followed the teacher’s wishes and guarded the Six Kingdoms. Her appearance changed the fate of wishful thinking. He found a real desire in Hua Rui for a lifetime - love! Inspired by love, Ruyi found the power of perfection, eliminating King Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu and saving the entire Six Kingdoms in one fell swoop. As a new generation of King Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu, when all the desires of the world were driven by him, he made a frightening move.

Watch point:

1. Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Carina Lau, Lei Wu challenge the "three heads"

In the film, Lei Wu, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, and Carina Lau jointly completed the three kings of Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu. They were the head of insight played by Lei Wu, the head of desire played by Tony Leung Ka-Fai, and the strategy of Carina Lau. head. The three-headed performers Lei Wu, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, and Carina Lau all claimed that the three-headed performance was a form they had never seen before. During the performances, the actors’ expressions, actions, and even light and shadow were all To synchronize, very high demands were placed on the actors' performances. It is worth mentioning that the movie also has a pumpkin-like character “Tuka”. Originally, Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu was a brave and rebel soldier. He was alienated into a pumpkin monster in a battle with King Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu. .

2. The world's top production lineup tells the mysterious oriental story

In the past six years, the core behind-the-scenes Yang Zhen Kam and Pang Ho-cheung have been preparing, shooting and producing from the preparatory stage. Together they have established a mature, first-class, more than 200 international-level filmmakers and 1600 staff members from 35 countries. The behind-the-scenes team of Chinese film workers. The team was full of talented individuals and Oscar winners such as Speed ​​and Passion, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Mad Max. ”

3. New exploration of "video + entertainment" model

In the past six years, the low-profile sneaking fantasy movie “Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu” has used more than 2,400 special effects shots, a huge system of 750 million yuan, officially locked on July 13 and released in the summer. It is reported that the movie title game and VR movie are also on the line with the "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" movie. During the early stages of the nationwide exploration of the "film + entertainment" model, the "Kujakuô: Ashuradensetsu" team became the "first person to eat crabs."

6. " Wind Charm ": The First Animated Movie of "Painting the Lake" Series


Release time: 7 days in 2018

Director: Liu Kuo

Voice over: Zhi Xing Lu , Yan Meng Meng , Geng Bian, Bian Jiang, Chiharu Niiyama , Zhengjian Guo , Chang Chen

Type: Animation / Fantasy

Film length: 90 minutes

Concerns: Douban (1674) Cat's Eye (36683) Piao Tickets (39102)

Plot introduction: Thousands of years ago, the ancient four evil beasts were stricken by humans and were sealed by the legendary “Wind Charm”. Now one of the four evil beasts, the “cockroach”, is about to recover after a thousand years of silence. However, “Wind Charm "Mysteries have long been lost.

Zeng Ming, a blind but optimistic and optimistic young boy, is dependent on his mother. Both mother and son play in the same day and their feelings are deep. Although his father disappeared many years ago, Lang Ming has always remembered the secret that his father taught himself, which is the legendary lost secret "Wind Charm."

Watch point:

1. "Painting the Lake" series of national diffuse first film about Chinese people's own story

The “Painting the Lake” series is the famous Guoman brand. As the first animated film of “Painting the River”, and the first work of Guosen’s head company, Ruosen Digital, entering the film market, “Wind Charm” is worth the wait. Director Liu Kuo stated that Liu Kuo stated: "Wind Charm" adopts a worldly concept of chivalry and interprets a 'Chinese own story', in which the 'wind' is another force beyond the five elements, hurricane or wind. It is a very good idea to show me that the film kernel always tells a story about affection, friendship and self-finding, and it is a story about Yu Zhengyi's victory over evil. At the same time, there will be more innovations in the film. , added more comedy elements, hoping to bring you moving.”

2.2018 The most anticipated domestic animation

The famous actress Tao Hong (actress, born 1972) is joining the creation of “Wind Charm” as a producer. She has exposed the origins of paintings with the rivers and lakes. In the advance notice, the character and storyline of the film have been exposed more clearly. From the perspective of the exposure, the picture quality of the film is extremely exquisite. It is definitely the most noteworthy animated film in 2018.

7. "New Big Son and Little Head's Dad 3: The Adventures of Russia": Dong Hao Ju Ping gathers together in childhood memory


Release time: July 6, 2018

Director: He Cheng

Voice over: Liu Chunyan , Dong Hao, Ju Ping, Chen Shu , Chen Geng , Jian-wei Huang

Type: Family / Children / Fantasy / Adventure

Length: 80 minutes

Plot introduction: Daddy's father took the family to Russia on a business trip. The big-headed son discovered in Russia that his painting of the White Nights City was a real one. The family was involved in traffic accidents and was forced to stay overnight in a small hotel and wake up the next day to find out. At the head of the son of the world in the painting - White Night City. They found that if they did not solve the crisis in White Night City, they could not leave this world. The family had finally returned to the real world after experiencing many difficulties in the White Night City.

The films MonsterHunt , JianBingMan , and The Return of the Great Sun ignited the summer holiday of 2015. A Wolf Warriors 2 swept through the summer of 2017. This year, so many domestic dramas will be released, which will stand out and wait and see.


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