The new version of "The Heavenly Slaughter of Dragon Slaughter" exterminates Shita when she grows up and I become you.

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Since the 1978 edition of the " Heavenly Sword of the Dragon " was published, Jin Yong 's classic novel has been remade into several versions. People in almost every age have the "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji" belonging to his generation. Recently, the 2018 version of "The Heavenly Slaughter of Dragon Slaughter" declared the characters' performers. When netizens sighed at the Yan value, they were surprised to find that Zhou Yuruo had become the extinct Shitai. Netizens have ridiculed, and I grow up to become you.





The new version of "The Heavenly Slaughter" is played by Kathy Chow , and Kathy Chow plays Zhou Yuruo in the 94th edition of "Heavenly Sword of Heaven". The characters in these two dramas believe that all of us have a certain degree of understanding. We will see how the transition of characters plays a visual experience for the audience. Let us wait and see. Kathy Chow has been in the entertainment industry for many years, playing a lot of classic characters, and has also won many awards. Many classic Hong Kong plays are associated with her name, such as " Blessing " and "There is no regrets in this life." Innocent, hearty, lovable, and clean are the feelings she left for people. In terms of affection, after her divorce in 1988, she had a boyfriend. She herself stated that her boyfriend proposed marriage to her but was rejected by her. She said that she is quite satisfied with the current stage and that it is not a life plan to marry and have children.



In addition to this role above, the actors of the other characters in the play also announced the role played by Zhang Wuji, People also ask , Zhao Min , Chen Xiqi , Zhou Yuruo , Xudan Zhu , Xiao Zhao, Kabby Hui , and Zhang Cuishan. Dong-xue Li and so on. The play was adapted from Jin Yong's novel of the same name. It was fixed at the end of the Ming and early Ming dynasties. It tells the story of a river and lake. In the history of Hengdian in 2018, it is estimated that the audience will be met in 2019. I wonder if such a figure is satisfactory to everyone?

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