He loves barbecues and food stalls, and he's a 900 million girls' dream.

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He loves barbecue and food stalls, but he is the dream of 900 million girls

Born in '88 Kenny Lin He is 30 years old and he starred in the period dress drama Bubujingxin "14 brother in the popular, widely known. And then he starred again Tsui Hark Director of the filmYoungDetectiveDee: RiseoftheSeaDragon"Was nominated for best new actor at the 33rd Hong Kong film awards. In 2016, I co-starred in"Journey to the West: the Demons Strike Back"Is also impressive.

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Kenny Lin is more famous for the Kenny Lin and Kenny Lin Wang Sicong The "gay love" affair and the grounding of his fans set the course.

Kenny Lin (Kenny Lin) no one knows when someone called him Kenny Lin because he was one of the first to win the nickname.

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It is said that he played the game technology is extremely bad but still intoxicated in the game cannot extricate themselves, also gave himself an ID called "900 million girls dream".

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He can wear a pair of long Johns for half a year without washing, put moldy.

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There have also been bizarre incidents where ugly photos of a neighbor's dog were posted on weibo and discovered by their owners.

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Kenny Lin is also one of the most likely stars to be bumped into at a roadside food stand.

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Kenny Lin's micro blog is a source of happiness for many people. A big star lives like a funny blogger.

Mark Chao On February 13, Kenny Lin sent a superficial picture of Kenny Lin wishing him a happy birthday. A few months later, Kenny Lin sent a picture of Kenny Lin wishing him a happy birthday. God of War Zhao Zilong "The photograph of she return to salute him, return @somebody else wife big beauty Gao Yuanyuan .

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So heaven forgive. He was often hungry in the early years and later began to learn to cook by himself.

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Holding a doll can cause all kinds of accidents.

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But he's definitely a blue beauty.

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Believe it or not, I believe it. Although he asks a lot when he buys things.

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And typing can lead to hand cancer.

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But as a joker, he can play mahjong with park dummies.

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Make fun of your makeup.

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Take a photo with calabash baby.

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Children are led astray by a disorderly recitation of ancient poems.

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Buy mobile phone case to be able to buy a new idea.

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So what kind of star can attract what kind of fans, actually from the person is not afraid. A very normal selfie.

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Someone found Zi Gou Have dandruff.

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He was found to have just finished drinking milk.

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Being funny has become Kenny Lin's daily routine. But he said: "when you say you're going to laugh, I feel like I've made it. I'm self-sacrificing."

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To sum up, Kenny Lin is a real deviant hero. He is good-looking, funny, and good at cooking. He is simply not affected. So please continue to be so cute in the future.

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