Changba's "Changan" will be broadcasted by Zhang Jinan, the military commander, and the soul of the temple.

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Recently, there have been more "three high" movies and TV dramas with super high-volume content and high reputation. Including the previous period, the court drama "Qing Xin Ji 2", which was exported to the idioms of the idioms, was ignited, and the "power" costume drama " Swinging " of "Sansei III" and " Chu Chuan Biography " was hidden, and it was easy to be imagined. The Town soul of the Town soul is on fire, and another historical drama " Changan " to be broadcast in CCTV's golden file is about to come. It can be said that the super lineup + historical drama has become an unsold first. An epic drama of fire. It is reported that the play has been designated as a key work in Beijing and has become the most anticipated historical drama after the dramas such as " Yongzheng dynasty " and " Dunning dynasty ".


Huanrui Century, Xinghui Tianji jointly produced, Jindun Film and Television Center of the Central Military Commission Logistics Department, Huairui Marketing Joint Propaganda, directed by Yiming Lian , Zhe Dong Screenplay, Zhang Hanyu , Qin Junjie , Li Xuejian , Dong Han , Shu Chang (actress ) , Helen Yao led the historical costume drama. It can be said that the stars are gathered, and the legendary "飙戏" mode is opened.


"Changan" is the most anticipated costume drama in the year and the only costume drama that can be broadcasted in CCTV's golden file. It will be premiered on CCTV's eight sets of gold files on July 16th. At that time, it will unveil the story of the dynasty in the late Tang and early Tang dynasties, step by step to the story of the glory of the dynasty, and re-cast the Xuanwumen to the historical scene. .


It is worth mentioning that Qin Junjie and Shu Chang (actress), that is, " Datang Glory ", once again fit together, without the love sorrows of the ultimate sorrowful love, and the legendary love and legend of a generation of Mingjun and a generation of sages.

It is reported that the whole drama involves nearly one hundred historical figures, following the historical facts to show the fierce struggle between emperors and powers, officialdom and war, and between power and humanity, showing the rise of the unprecedented prosperity of the Tang Empire. Among them, actor Zhang Jinan plays the role of "Liu Hei", one of the survivors of the late Qing Dynasty. He is a veritable martial artist of the end of the dynasty. He was originally a sergeant of Dou Jiande. It is also a historical archetypal figure. Zhang Jinan demonstrates the courage and loyalty of Liu Hei. As an actor, Zhang Jinan, he has the attitude and responsibility of the actors themselves, and each performance interprets the taste of the characters themselves. In the drama, I played with the actors of different ages, especially with Zhang Hanyu. I believe that the challenges of different roles are the challenges of actors' acting skills and the improvement of professionalism.

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