Feng xiaogang shows up to' start a class 'to share the director's creative experience

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Linkeddb News November 2 & have spent On the afternoon of November 1, Feng Xiaogang The director appeared at the vancouver film academy in Shanghai. Assembly Set out "is the topic, for the scene students to bring a director class. An hour-and-a-half lecture, Feng Xiaogang opened up to the students about his experiences of directing art, and he was full of dry goods.

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At the invitation of the vancouver film academy in Shanghai, director Feng Xiaogang deliberately chose "Assembly", a representative work, to share with students. Feng Xiaogang said he was in the AWorldWithoutThieves During the period of "Assembly", the creation has been changed, and it was this film that reassured him about the transformation and made him return to his original intention of making the film, which led to the realistic theme of "Assembly". In the lecture, Feng Xiaogang talked about his understanding of war films: "in the past, our war films were more about showing heroism and bravery, and we neglected the tension of fighting with fear as a living person. The fear of war is an indispensable expression and warning for war films. Last year's phenomenal film, Youth, fueled a boom in silver-haired moviegoers with strong word-of-mouth. The symphony of beautiful Youth and cruel war moved the national audience, and even "Youth" became a buzzword. Feng Xiaogang revealed that the sensational 6-minute long war footage was produced by the special effects team responsible for the Korean film "taiji flag flying".

Students are enthusiastic


Feng Xiaogang has his own secret recipe to control and teach the actors. "Actors need to feel safe, you let me fall free, you will be able to catch me, the director to give the actor this trust." Feng Xiaogang gave encouragement to the vibrant "film art preparation army" on the scene. He admitted that China's film industry is still far behind the mature film industry in the world on the road of industrialization, so he hoped that students could reach the world level as soon as possible and grow into the talents needed for film industrialization.

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