DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II 'box office exceeded 2.8 billion did not expect actually came up with a screenwriter allegedly sophisticated farce

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" DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II ", from its release to the present 11 days, the box office has exceeded 2.8 billion, not only beyond the " OPERATION RED SEA ", "West Sidewalks country" and other Spring Festival stalls other films, but also rushed into the film box office in the Mainland before the three And "DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II" box office as high, there are "Tang Tan 2" on the plagiarism and suspected insult to player Messi, co-screenwriter suspected Mei days and other topics.


When the film was released, it was questioned "DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II" plagiarism in 2002 Tony Leung Ka-Fai Rene Liu starring in the movie "double pupil", which killed five people inside the altar in the plot plot and "double pupil" The plot is exactly the same. However, this small plagiarism does not float too much water, did not affect the "DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II" at the box office, but "Tang Tan 2" because of the comedy and explore the case of a good mix of reputation burst , Douban score as high as 7.1 points, second only to the same period "OPERATION RED SEA".


However, it is such a high-flirtatious box office movie, which has been a big crisis over the past couple of days.

First in the "DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II", an undeserved dwarf dressed in the Argentine No. 10 jersey appeared in the film, Messi fans think this is a shadow of Massey, strongly urged the authorities to give a statement. Officials have yet to speak, and Jiake Cheng , co-writer of " DetectiveChinTang " and "DETECTIVE CHINATOWN II", replies: "Purely for fun." This response is even more aroused the dissatisfaction of Messi fans, Messi fans private letter Jiake Cheng asked them to apologize to Messi, and Jiake Cheng has responded to "Messi is your grandfather it."



Since then, users start Pa Jiake Cheng, does not instep does not matter, a grilled also out a lot of black history. In addition to insulting Messi, Jiake Cheng also showed the tendency of being fine, flagrant, insulting women, discriminating outsiders and pedophiles, and repeatedly making such comments on Weibo.

 Jiake Cheng

 Jiake Cheng 微博

 Jiake Cheng 微博

 Jiake Cheng 微博

After being confirmed, "Global Times", "Central Youth League", "Observer Network" and many other media outlets to condemn Jiake Cheng microblogging.

Afterwards, "DetectiveChinTang" released a statement announcing Jiake Cheng, the co-writer of the Tang Dynasty Series, officially expelled and all the works produced by Tang Pin 2 (no more than a dozen) will no longer cooperate with Jiake Cheng .


And Jiake Cheng in trouble after the big announcement in Weibo an insidious statement of apology, but obviously users do not buy it. Many netizens said: "Apology if useful, but also what the police do [angry]", "This kind of person is latent anti-social personality." There are netizens think Jiake Cheng made so many inappropriate remarks these years, so personality- minded Chen Sicheng Why use, and made him the film's core screenwriter, Chen Sicheng will also bring a lot of film publicity With this Jiake Cheng attending and Jiake Cheng standing next to him, is it true that Director Chen Sicheng has never really understood this man?

 Jiake Cheng 微博

 Chen Sicheng  Jiake Cheng

In recent years, there have been an endless stream of incidents of public figures. Derailments, prostitution, drug abuse and Taiwan independence ... As public figures, every word and deed has a great impact on the society. Therefore, public figures must assume greater responsibility and establish The correct concept of three, by example to spread the positive energy of society. The eyes of the masses are sharp, and the real need of this society is the artisan's double entertainer. The sinister artist will eventually be eliminated by society.

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