Yi Xin Tang's warm and beautiful spring photo turns “Spring Girl” doubles

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A few days ago, Yi Xin Tang revealed a group of photos of the latest girls in the Spring Festival. In the photo, Yi Xin Tang is dressed in a chiffon holiday dress. Her legs are sexy and attractive. She wears a unique Chanel jacket with a stylish personality and releases Yi. Xin Tang has a unique charm, and the combination of a baseball cap and sports shoes adds youthfulness to the overall style. Yi Xin Tang under the lens from time to time sweet pear vortex smile cure, and sometimes playful "than V" full of vitality, perfect interpretation of girls, people brighten up.

It is reported that the " HappyCamp " that Yi Xin Tang is participating in recording will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV, and fans will be looking forward to it.

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