Kenji wu and his movie' write a poem for you 'send a surprise message across the sky saying' zhu bishi 'is more beautiful

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Star connection September 21Directed by newcomer Kenji Wu Directed and acted, zhou still, zhou keyen, su shi wei, Chou PeiPei Starring, Chang Pen - yu A special feature film, writing poems for you, will be released nationwide on nov 2. On September 20,Kenji Wuappeared in many media with his debut poem "write a poem for you". Holding koi in hand, he gave the blessing to media editors ahead of time and acted as a staff member to interact with everyone from zero distance. The live segment is full of fun, and the way to unlock the movie is even more exciting and full of surprises.

Kenji Wu is surprised to be admitted to work. Zero - distance interactive explosion throughout

As a surprise guest appearance Kenji Wu, not only prepared for the staff to Mid-Autumn festival gift, more small BianHou embodiment in the star, the exclusive exposes film "writing a poem for you" "the prince and princess" special edition posters, posters of the integral style highlight the features of romantic comedy movie, funny picture provoking daydream,Kenji Wumore questions which beauty "" I am a princess in the entertainment industry, every song words and" Zhu Bishi "PK than, screaming repeatedly tuxedos. Lollipop F member liao Leon Jay Williams Also surprise appearance, accompanied byKenji Wuand the tremolo's talent, double speed hot dance live. In the heart rate acceleration stage, the boy's hand cream forKenji Wualmost pushed Kenji Wu's heart rate through 160, pushing the atmosphere of the whole activity to a climax. The chorus of people "write poems for you" is more recall of our school days. Finally,Kenji Wuread aloud a love letter to the media affectionately, telling him that making the film seemed silly, but he was doing something to make his heart beat faster and did not regret. At the same time, he thanked the media for their support over the years, and hoped that he would be determined to move forward with everyone in the future.

During an afternoon media visit,Kenji Wuconducted a bizarre interview in a "silly" T-shirt, admitting that he was wearing the T-shirt because he was not a smart person and wanted to follow his heart and get back to his silly self. In the face of the interview with the interviewer from multiple angles, Kenji Wu, wearing a polygraph and answering sincerely, was unanimously recognized by the live media, while the interviewer, who was questioned tactfully by Kenji Wu, received a small punishment of electric shock from the polygraph, causing laughter and a lively scene. Kenji Wu, who successfully joined the front office as an avatar, successfully received the girls and the Courier, and took a group photo after being recognized. After that, I actively organized afternoon tea activities, personally handed out refreshments for each on-site staff, and actively interacted with media staff through interesting games to bring exclusive benefits for everyone on Mid-Autumn festival.

The silliest romantic comedy in the country hits theaters on November 2

The film "write your poem" tells the story of Chen shijie, a middle-aged dragon set actor played by Kenji Wu, who sets off on a journey to reclaim the college goddess zhen after he accidentally finds out that his heart can go back to the past when his heart is racing to 160. Often want to rewrite to chase love course, ascend the life peak of his awkward position, but still regardless of all for love be foolish....................... Everyone in these relationships will have a true portrayal, in the face of the funny, but also look forward to how the movie will be able to let the hearts of everyone back to speed up, go all out for the feeling of love silly.

The film "write poems for you" by Beijing jiaying spring film co., LTD., and qunwen chuang entertainment co., LTD., zhejiang Jiang Tian, Produced by Italy film and television limited. Co-produced by huaxia film distribution co., LTD., Beijing jiaying culture media co., LTD., kashi jiaying culture media co., LTD., and six degrees space music co., LTD.

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