Worth as much as 17.5 billion, redder than na ying, who gave birth to a son at the age of 43.

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He's worth $17.5 billion Na Ying Still red, once for love seclusion 43 years old just gave birth to a son

Na Ying has always been a pop singer in mainland China. I have to say that Na Ying, as the day after the popular music, has a lot of good works, such as "the dark of the night without understanding by day"," Conquest "And so on. Na Ying also took part in the singing talent show TheVoiceOfChina "As the four seasons mentor, but also with a lot of new generation of music, such as Yao Beina , Diamond Zhang Such as singer.

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Let's say Na Ying Zhi Zhou Although she is a senior figure in the Chinese music industry, the online comments were not so good. Many netizens scolded her online, and she also quit this season's "TheVoiceOfChina", showing signs of slowly quitting the entertainment industry.

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There are some clues as to why people called her a bad name. Na Ying is said to have declined to be a judge at the 2010 music festivaldaolangBefore receiving the award, Na Ying pointed out that his songs did not have aesthetic views, and his works lacked musicality... Say his song is all farmer listen to, offended many fans and net friend. In fact, for an artist, character is also very important.

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Not only this, people questioned her character, Na Ying was once Cui Jian Call and lip-synch but don't admit it, and Cui Jian disrespects her. Earlier, at a concert, Na Ying shook hands with her fans while singing and lost her ring

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In fact, there is another singer in the Chinese music industry who is far more powerful than Na Ying, but she has been out of the entertainment industry for a long time Mao Amin In 1988, Mao Amin sang missing at the CCTV Spring Festival gala. In 1991, he sang the TV drama Thirsty "The theme song of the same name, to establish the status of music.

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Na Ying is the mentor of Mao Amin. When Mao Amin was famous, Na Ying was just a nobody. If Mao Amin is still in the music industry, she must be considered the best choice. Mao Amin left music for love, returned to family, and lived a happy life. Mao Amin was married to a wealthy businessman in 2003. The rich Mao Amin is a very low profile, with a net worth of $17.5 billion. My husband xie zhikun also loved Mao Amin, and the two had a daughter and a son. Mao Amin, a 43-year-old mother, gave birth to a son for her husband. I have to say that Mao Amin is not only a strong singer, but also a mother.

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Until 2015, Mao Amin was invitedZheng Shuang (actress, born 1991),Yang Yang (actor)She and others are back in the public eye for the second season of flower and youth. She took care of the rest of the cast like a big sister. During a rock trip, Mao Amin showed off her singing skills.

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Now, Mao Amin has held concerts, as well as the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala and Jason Zhang The chorus of "fireworks all over the city" exploded in popularity. I also hope that Mao Amin will continue to give us a different sense of hearing.

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