Henan's first Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema settled at Oscar Thang Long International Cinema

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , a new chapter in the Jurassic series, was held on June 13th in the newly upgraded Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema concept hall of Thang Long International Studios. The company Lưu Hi Viên D entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou Oscar Thang Long International Studios to launch the first Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema concept hall in Henan Province. The provincial capital and some lucky viewers experienced the latest movie screening techniques.

As the first Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema concept hall project of Oscar Cinemas, Oscar Thang Long International Studios unveiled a brand new upgraded Hall 1 and 2 to create the Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema concept hall, which is also the second largest in the country. Home and Henan Province is the first. In the future, the Oscar Cinemas will continue to introduce new technologies and new equipment, and continue to benefit fans and viewers.

Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema is the brand new boutique brand introduced by Lưu Hi Viên D after Lưu Hi Viên D 6FL. With the revolutionary Lưu Hi Viên D Ultimate Screen, the excellent selection of Christie laser projectors, Lưu Hi Viên D 3D and immersive audio (Dolby Panorama), a premium audiovisual experience. The concept of Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema also represents different levels of “crossing”. From 3D to 2D/3D, it represents the overall image quality; from image spanning to sound enhancement, it represents the overall combination of visual and listening; the combination of exquisite and bright images and immersive sound results in more realistic images. More comfortable viewing experience. The concept of quality is beyond the limits of the screen size: the premium experience is no longer limited to oversized movie theaters. Instead, it is in pursuit of better design and configuration in every stage of the movie theater. The non-super hall can also enjoy excellent performance. Experience.

Yang Guotao, the general manager of Oscar-based Dragon International Studios, told reporters: “A lot of viewers expressed the desire to have a more elaborate and detailed experience when watching movies. The industry’s 3D movies are dark, the sound reproduction is not enough, and the viewing experience has dropped dramatically. Since its opening eight years ago, the International Studios has been dedicated to providing viewers with the best viewing experience and services.We have been looking for a solution that will enhance both the user experience and the price/performance ratio. We finally realized this at Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema. In the video, Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema is a quality product designed to reflect nearly twice the standard of projection in the general studio: 2D reaches 20FL, and 3D achieves Liang Gao degree of 12FL, while in terms of sound, it has a strong sense of experience. Dolby Panoramic sound, combined with video content, delivers dynamic sound effects; Lưu Hi Viên D Ultimate Screen uses nano-micro-hole technology, light reflection up to about 92%, 1.85 times that of ordinary metal screens, with up to 1000:1 stereo Contrast, which brings a clear and detailed, ghost-free picture and quality uniformity of the whole golden seat; plus an upgraded version of lightweight circular polarized hard coating Mirror, not only can be comfortable viewing at any angle; also lengthened clear viewing of the warranty period. "

“From the Lưu Hi Viên D 6FL certification in 2013, the quality of the overall 3D screening was upgraded to the current Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema concept hall. Lưu Hi Viên D always regards the core spirit of “leading technology + excellent quality” as the Chinese film. The industry and movie audience provide services.We hope that the "leading technology + excellent quality" tentacles can reach more theaters in China, so that more Chinese movie viewers can enjoy a high-quality cinema experience in each movie theater. International Studios has long been a quality partner for Lưu Hi Viên D. We are very excited to help upgrade Studios 1 and 2 to Lưu Hi Viên D Cinema. We will continue to support Oscar in the future. Dragon International Studios continues to provide cinematic partners with better imaging technology, said Mr. Chen Yongwen, Vice President of Lưu Hi Viên D and General Manager of Asia Pacific.

About Lưu Hi Viên D Company

Lưu Hi Viên D is a globally recognized leader in imaging technology and a pioneer in digital 3D cinema. It currently has the world's largest 3D cinema platform.

The overwhelming market share of Lưu Hi Viên D encompasses more than 72 countries in the world, more than 1200 theater partners installed a network of 29,000 screens, and an additional 4,000 screens to be installed. Lưu Hi Viên D is a world-famous 3D brand. Over 2 billion people have watched Lưu Hi Viên D 3D movies worldwide.

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