All the way to send flowers' Lin Yueqing actor Aaron Yan staged heart warm president

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Urban emotional drama " flowers all the way to send " February 7 has been officially launched. Directed by Liu Miaomiao, starring Wallace Chung , Jiang Shuying and Aaron Yan . "Blossoming all the way" tells the story of a lover after another 10 years to meet again and work hard together. Aaron Yan plays Lin Yueqing in the play is a friend of Luffy (Wallace Chung ornaments) and Xin Chen (Jiang Shuying), witnessed the process of separation of two people, but also to promote the development of the entire story. After the first episode aired, the first throne of TV ratings was firmly established. At the same time, the TV series swept the top of the list of topics in the microblog. At first, there was no doubt that it was on the hot list. The beautiful style and fresh texture made many viewers Call it 2018 first warm heart hot emotion drama. Aaron Yan played "overbearing president" Lin Yueqing was officially launched in the second episode last night, the president stepped on a scooter to work from time to time to remind staff not to work overtime can not be too obedient, there is no strong, no pretending attitude, the face of staff problems A smile will solve it. In the face of his crush years friend Xin Chen warm word when the audience in front of the television loudly meltdown. Seeing the overbearing president's aggressive and aggressive look Aaron Yan-style warm heart president, many viewers said "never again want to overbearing President's stronghold and kiss, is to want Lin Yueqing such warmhearted president." Aaron Yan said when talking about this movie, said he had played a lot of rich and second-generation, and that the boys really look in the screen? Overbearing president, but in fact, he did not have such a life experience, and get "all the way flowers" script, but Lin Yueqing this role empathy, because he has so hard so hard to protect one of her, Friends around themselves are distressed themselves, but they are not willing to give up. Lin Yueqing awakened Aaron Yan to those days beautiful and sad memories, so we see Lin Yueqing gentle and why is not Aaron Yan's affection? With Aaron Yan played "Lin Yueqing" officially launched, the whole story Will slowly unfold, guard and loving friends for many years, her feelings will go from here? Their feelings will go from here? We continue to wait every night in front of the Dragon TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, peace of mind waiting for this about the blooming story. Click to view: all the way to send diversity plot introduction

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