Happy formula' Shen Xian actor Yihan Liu jacket “bones fine,” the perfect interpretation of

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Urban emotional drama " Happy Formula " will be broadcast, directed by Dong Li and Shen Lei, starring Gua Ah-leh , Dong Yong , Yihan Liu and Ziqi Zhao . The theme of "Happy Formula" tells the theme of "happiness." It tells the tear-telling story of tender feelings between the late Gua Ah-leh widow and the three children. The play, Yihan Liu plays the little daughter Shen Xiang, at home, is a mother's little cotton jacket, carefully accompany her mother out of loneliness; out of the door, transformed into the workplace "stay Meng Bone Essence", the work seriously and responsible excellence; love in the field, dare She loves to hate her bold pursuit of the former brother-in-law, willing to do "spare tire", but do not know true love in close proximity, silently guarding her for a long time.

幸福有配方 Yihan Liu

Yihan Liu's performance let the audience shines bright, with her professional performance, through the precise grasp of the character's personality and expressive, the role of the little daughter of Jiaohan and "bones of the fine," the smart and complete presentation of the perfect interpretation of This is full of reverse charm. Such a growth, the charm of both sides of the characters, whether it is from the character, love, career, family and many other aspects of change, she and Huang Jue , Li Chang 's love dispute has become a big look of the show point.

Speaking of the understanding of "happy recipe", Yihan Liu believes that the most important part of a happy recipe is understanding and tolerance. "It is important to understand the feelings and perspectives of others and to include the places where you do not like them. Of course, it's important to be respected. The starting point of others is good, and now the conflicts in many life are intensified because we think the behavior of others is selfish, but in fact, people may not think so. First, you must trust him to respect others' thoughts. "She He also revealed that he was as close to Gua Ah-leh as he was with his mom and that many intimacy of the "cotton padded jacket" and his mother were revealed in real life while "Big Brother" Dong Yong played the drama Very "big brother Van children", which makes them full of substitution process in the performance.

The drama "Happy Formula" will be launched on CCTV8 on the evening of February 12. I believe this warmth of the story in the cold winter, for every audience to bring a warm and happy recipe.

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