Beauty in the cup' flower actor entertainer Dong Han acting distracted 'detective' looking for Yuxi

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Palace fantasy drama " cabinet beauty " from February 8 at 8 o'clock solemn broadcast Youku. The play, strength of the actor Dong Han played the chamberlain province spend less prison no joy, British Gas Cold , resourceful, is the emperor ( Vic Chou ornaments) around a rare talent. And his feelings for the autumn Princess ( Zuo Xiaoqing ), let him into constant self-struggle. From brotherhood to brotherhood, to tense monarch power struggle, the relationship between the two has undergone tremendous changes, why the two relatives are enemies, attracting spectators continue to speculate.


In the forthcoming update of the story, the assassination of the first emperor, the new imperial throne, the dark waves surging up and down surging up and down, and the theft of the Imperial Guard Yuxi even more turmoil in the DPRK, including Dong Han, Pass down the whereabouts of Yuxi, he can smoothly recover the Yuxi and stabilize the DPRK, so that the audience is looking forward to.

Has been shaped more classical costume characters Dong Han, from external to inner feelings, interpretation of the role will be very out of color, whether it is " InLoveWithPower romantic entanglement" with big jade, or " Ludingji treatment in seven" Wife different ways to get along, or " drunk exquisite " in the heart of Tao Yao deep hidden love ... ... Dong Han are free to use the acting skills of each role will be interpreted exactly the heart, and this flower spent Huan this role, his excellent acting skills, fans add more expectations.

It is reported that Dong Han starring TV series " please give me a pair of wings, " recently just kill, they fought " hive " crew began intense filming work, he plays a hidden enemy insider patriotic Luo Xingming.

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