“Please give me a pair of wings” Ju Jingyi, a media exploration group, said she missed the stage very much.

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Yesterday, starring Ju Jingyi and Aaron Yan , directed by Shui-Qing Lai director of the Republic of China suspense drama " please give me a pair of wings, " held a media exploration activities in Hengdian.

Ju Jingyi plays "Jiu Yang Gao Mu Ti Lin Jiu Lin Ji" in "Please Give Me a pair of wings." Lin Jiuge is a strong and unyielding, innocent, but innocent intellectuals, innocent, repeatedly imprisoned did not extinguish her will, "is a very true female role." There are a lot of scenes in the play, Ju Jingyi also jokes that "(play) played cool", it seems quite adapted to high-intensity fight lens.

In December last year, Ju Jingyi set up a personal studio, formally separated from the independent development of the group, naturally can not escape being asked about the work plan for the New Year. In response, Ju Jingyi said: "I've been filming for nearly a year in succession. Now I miss the stage very much." In addition to this year's " Ritual Biography " "please give me a pair of wings", " Mr. Swimming " Other film and television works, she will have music and dance plan, please Duo Duo look forward to.

It is reported that "Please give me a pair of wings" will be completed years ago, is expected to be broadcast within the year. Ju Jingyi's performance, but also wait and see audience friends.

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