Successor program' northeast guy Wang Yanlin Yan into the trap trap rescue Li Xin burning capture the heart

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By Sohu video, male children's media to create, led by Liu Chuang , Wang Xinlin , Li Xin burning , Jiabin Zheng , Haoyu Yang starring Chang Kuo-Chu special starring undercover theme suspense comedy " successor program " Sohu video fever broadcast. The play tells the perennial loitering in the streets of the northerly Li Jinshui , Yin and Yang was turned into the Eastern boss to help the boss, but dramatically become the police undercover after the story. The first week of broadcast, the drama full of interesting story triggered a wide range of Internet users, the founder Li Jinshui ushered in a harsh test of spurting, undercover career and budding love are so netizens pinch cold sweat, ups and downs The plot with energy full of jokes make this drama critically acclaimed as the year end must-have masterpiece.



Hero escape on the way to rescue the United States was violently beat Li Jinshui playful upper body cunning help big sister

Last week's story confessed that Li Jinshui, acting as an actor in the power band Wang Yanlin, accidentally interceded with East Prime Minister Kim Ji-juan and subsequently formed a police undercover CP with Ha Pak-en-Ha, the police uncle who played Haoyu Yang. Li Xin burning played another gang boss's daughter's get along with sparks, the two were staged kissing and "big care" of the most popular drama, the emotional direction of the introduction of reverie. After the wonderful opening, this week's "successor program" ushered in a more information-intensive story line, one-for-money Northeast Counseling package Li Jinshui just became a lie undercover into a dangerous gang to kill, survived After he was determined to leave almost killed his lifeless teammates Park Bukane, a passport a bag of banknotes ready to go home enjoyment, but this matter uncle uncle's career, Uncle decisively chase the airport or let Li Jinshui Escape. Li Jinshui on the road just met a young girl was bullied by Jiaoyi (Jiabin Zheng), how to stand up northeast man how he could stand by, wanted a hero to save the United States, a brick photographed down Stunned by each other. Reluctant to be beaten after waking up to think he can only resort to a good Hee, Li Jinshui play on the phone proudly sell miserable tragedy, it is unforgettable, real big sister is fake undercover revenge drama began.



Nightclub Aventure second consecutive life instructors Li Jinshui desperately fighting to save good Hee

Li Jinshui find the savior pulled confused with good Qixi come to Kim Ki at the nightclub, in his mother Sang mouth he finally learned that caught the girl Chi Sau is the father pays the debt collateral, will be auctioned here for a high price at night . Li Jinshui to buy through mother mulberry to see a good show, but has come to a new face, a strange appearance of a beautiful girl let Li Jinshui unconscious, looks Aventure, in fact, she is to check the group sent to supervise the strength of the female boss, Stolen chicken is not reversed by the demon-stared Li Jinshui so that friends call him distressed. In the auction link Li Jinshui with the help of good Hee succeeded in saving the girl, usually whole body weakness, he turned into a positive energy in the face of girls who have turned themselves into life, "If you even give up your own words, others and How dare to take the true to you, "a full weight, then not only touched the wise show, but also to the side of the test Jixi Li Jinshui shocked, the two feelings once again warming. After the escape plan failed, Li Jinshui, an undercover undercover police officer and his team-mate, accepted the new task of investigating the case of an organ factory. On the dangerous occasion, Shin Hee was unexpectedly kidnapped. Li Jinshui had to fight for good and evil, Do not hesitate to fight life. In the face of greatness and goodness of good and evil, he has always been awakened by the unexamined people, and his feelings with good Hee are increasingly clear and dangerous in time and again.

Sohu video, male media produced by the "successor program" officially landed on January 25 Sohu video, every Thursday, the first to update the 4 members, undercover Li Jinshui will accept what kind of test, he and good Hee feelings Will be smooth sailing, more story, so please lock Sohu video "successor program"!

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