Drama' Ruyi'sRoyalLoveinthepalace 'Langya actress Jie Dong eyebrow eye show interstellar queen domineering and prestige

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Legend of Qing Dynasty " Ruyi'sRoyalLoveinthepalace " by the original author Lianzi Liu screenwriter, Jun Wang , Cheng Yuanhai co-director, starring Xun Zhou , Wallace Huo . Palace 闱 deep, lock the sixth house of life, imperial power North Korea, bearing the highest honor ups. Tells the story of Wulanala · Yi Yi and Qian Long Emperor Aixinjueluo · Hong Li in the court to interpret a period of love and acquaintance to lost lost marriage story.


Low eyebrow convergence between the queen's domineering and prestige

Fucha Langya [láng huà] She is the most beloved Empress of Qianlong in history. She has a distinguished family background, dignified and gentle, advocates thrift, and "Ruyi's Royal Lovenet" is starred in Jie Dong . Langya expensive Lord of the Sixth, domineering nature essential, Jie Dong in front of the camera has always been a gentle image, and the co-management of the sixth house, controlling the queen concubines concubines compared to some "sketchy mutation." Jie Dong clothing plus body, wearing a crown Pearl delicate exquisite look, look solemn seems to have tens of millions of words, delicate beads jaundiced lips, momentum wins, the classic main eyebrows are light but not anger. Calm eyes, the legendary life of the generation after Emperor has been slowly kicked off.

Since Jie Dong's debut in the Qing Opera and joining the haunted and haughty harem played one of the original important roles, Fujitsu Langya is undoubtedly another brand new challenge to Jie Dong's acting. Have seen the original "clean powder" have said that Jie Dong is the perfect queen in their hearts.

"Ruyi's Royal Love Temple" gave Jie Dong the chance to challenge Qing Opera for the first time. In order to understand the empress Qing empress's life, she added a lot of knowledge on the side before filming and also read through many historical books, though not necessarily true in the play Used, but for Jie Dong, be regarded as a kind of taste, feeling and influence. Jie Dong is full of hope for this role. When asked if he is under pressure, Jie Dong firmly replied: "Do not worry, let yourself go."

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