Bai Baihe 19-year-old young as the old exposed exposure dressed in male models exposed with the naked body film ads

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Recently a well-known blogger exposed a group of Bai Baihe 19-year-old photos of young Bai Baihe body bumpy, wearing a pink top vest, wearing white jeans, slightly Bai Fen Bai Fen and a less well-known domestic Male model shoot a beer ad together. As can be seen from the photo, when Bai Baihe was 19 years old is that kind of very cheerful girl, in the face of the camera without any shy, confident calm.

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

The most surprising is that this group of photos was directed by Zhang Yimou directed by the exposure of the photos can also be seen Bai Baihe and Zhang Yimou was acquainted at the time, this set of commercials is regarded as the stepping stone to open Bai Baihe acting career, In the three years after the photo shoot, that is, in 2006, Bai Baihe starred in the first drama " Youth-related Day " into the showbiz.

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

 Bai Baihe 19岁旧照曝光

Also in filming "Days Related to Youth," Tony met and fell in love with Bai Baihe and Yu Quan . It is said that because of the intervention of Bai Baihe, Tony abandoned her girlfriend who fell in love with her for 6 years and fell in love one year later. They married and marched into a marriage hall. After the marriage Bai Baihe pushed most of the work, ease at home and teach children.

 Bai Baihe  Tony

Until 2011, Bai Baihe and article co-starring in the cure of the love movie " Lovelorn 33 days " release, Bai Baihe because in the film as fresh and refined actress Huang Xiaoxian won the best flower award that year, but also shortlisted the Chinese film Media Awards voted the most watched actress. It seems overnight, Bai Baihe is on fire, no longer the woman behind Tony.

 Bai Baihe

After "Lovelorn 33 Days", Bai Baihe starred in many film and television works such as " Floating ," " AWeddingInvitation ," " PersonalTailor ," "Get Rid of Cancer!" And " MonsterHunt. " As the business grew more and more prosperous, The amount is getting higher and higher, she and Tony's marriage has repeatedly been disagreed, many times a year to be netizens divorce. And users are feeling more and more, Tony is not such a woman Bai Baihe.

 Tony 微博

After being divorced numerous times, the matter of divorce by Tony Bai Baihe finally came to a conclusion after the marriage was "derailed" by Bai Baihe. Earlier this year, Bai Baihe was screened by a nationwide constellation with a small fresh meat Zhang Apeng dating in Thailand. They not only veneered feeding but also provocative playfulness by the swimming pool. The scale of Dalian did not dare to imagine eating the crowd. For a moment, Bai Baihe's wife was completely collapsed. Although Bai Baihe's husband Tony came out to clarify that they had already divorced in 2015, she has the freedom to love. But who made Bai Baihe a pig team-mate? After the incident, Zhang Ai-peng not only failed to meet Bai Baihe but was also behind Bai Baihe. He said in an interview: "Bai Baihe's friend is more than me. You guys Why are you staring at me? "

 Bai Baihe 与小鲜肉

So far, Bai Baihe starred in the night, the movie " Broken Hearts and 33 Days" cast all derailed or derailed, there are users God Comments "article, Yili Ma , Yao Di (actress) , Bai Baihe, Tony, Zhang Zixuan ......" Lovelorn 33 days "is really a toxic crew."


After this incident, Bai Baihe character plummeted, but the style of dress has begun to be more bold, attended the award ceremony, dressed in gauze see through the mirror, both on the pitch and field have become the focus of everyone, but it seems there is no star Willing to greet her.

 Bai Baihe 透视装

 Bai Baihe 透视装

And Dong Jin starring in the new drama " surgical situation " ratings are also very general.


Today, Bai Baihe is 19 years old and exposes himself to the hope that this wave of sentimental wind will win some good feelings for Bai Baihe. In fact, Xiaobian think: Instead of paying too much attention to the artist's private life, it is better to pay more attention to the work, after all, speaking by strength will not be too late at any time. When Bai Baihe was able to be fancyed by Zhang Yimou, there must be a place for her, what do you think?

 Bai Baihe  Zhang Yimou 旧照

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